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A few months ago I created a YouTube video and blog post I called The 4 Layers Of Strength.

The purpose of this video was to share my idea that “STRENGTH” goes far deeper than how much weight you can lift, or how big your biceps are.

You can read a full description of the significance of all 4 Layers, as well as my vision for STRENGTHOLOGY on the about page of this blog.

The last of the 4 Layers I call, “Presentable Strength”.

The idea behind Presentable Strength is that each of us has a unique talent, gift or faculty that in some way, large or small, can support others in becoming the strongest version of themselves.

It is not only our right as creative human beings to be able to earn a fair living through the “presentation” of our gifts… it is our RESPONSIBILITY.

It is up to us to discover, magnify, develop and offer our gifts to people who are looking for them AND employ methods to feed ourselves and keep a roof over our heads.

If the world is willing to pay you millions for your gift, great!

If the world is only willing to pay you enough to live comfortably, this is great also.

Our purpose is NOT the chasing of dollars for mere accumulation, or so called “security”. 

Our purpose in building Presentable Strength is to earn the FREEDOM to continue developing our gifts and discover more ways to share it.

Discovering your gifts is a life long process, as you mature so do your gifts.  Also, as you gain wisdom you’ll uncover personal layers that will reveal gifts that you didn’t even know you had!

Together we learn how to “present” our “presents” :)

Here is an interview I did last week for a blog dedicated to building businesses around your gifts and talents called The Rise To The Top.

I dropped lots of interesting little nuggets that may be of support to you! Enjoy!

With Love and Strength,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Our small community of men and women dedicated to becoming stronger and sharing our strength is growing.

We already have over 2,000 members reading this blog!

To say I am shocked and excited is an understatement.

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Cameron Day March 14, 2012

Good interview, with several solid gold nuggets of information.

Rich Moroni March 14, 2012

Thank You!

Dylan March 18, 2012

Awesome Elliott. Love it.

Congrats on the 2,000 members of the blog. Im sure it will keep growing.
I got a few friends to start reading your stuff, they love it.

Srdjan-Bloom to Fit March 21, 2012

Great interview man! Always have something positive to take away.

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