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I remember watching a documentary about The American

Thomas Paine sparked the revolution with a document that
he wrote, by candle light, with a quill pen!

If writing this document that would forever change the course
of western civilization wasn’t hard enough, he had to get it out
to everyone.

This required that he use a printing press to manually
reproduce several copies of the document from his home.

Then he had to have them delivered to the 13 colonies by foot
and on horseback!

The fact that most people couldn’t even read, made his mission
even tougher.

It took several years for his ideas to reach the people in the
colonies, and even longer to spark the American Revolution.

Toady, things are a bit different.

If Thomas Paine lived today, he could simple start a blog,
YouTube channel, or just “tweet” his ideas about freedom and
revolution. (although the DHS would shut him down… fast!)

My point is that has never been easier to spread you unique
and empowering message of strength with MILLIONS of

It literally requires only a simple click of a mouse!

The biggest problem is that everyone can share ideas easily.

That makes the market for ideas flooded, and if you don’t
have a unique message that touches peoples hearts…. then
you’re voice will quickly be drowned out.

Thomas Pain, on the other hand, had very little competition :)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS - In a few months I’ll be holding a small workshop for people who
have a powerful message that they would like to share with others.

I call it “The 4th Layer Business” workshop because I fulfills the 4th
Layer in my STRENGTHOLOGY model for becoming the strongest
version of ourselves.

This layer is called “Presentable Strength” and it is all about
presenting the world with out gifts… and earning a living while doing

You can learn more about it here:

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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