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This weekend I spoke at my friend Zach Even Esh’s Underground Conference.

I spoke with the group about some of my ideas pertaining to the 3rd Layer Of Strength, “Energetic Strength”.

I use the word spoke lightly because what I offered the group was more of an experience rather than a speech.

You can see what Zach and others have to say about it on the videos at the bottom of this website.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share something powerful that I learned from one of the other speakers, Dax Moy.

Dax used the word GURU to describe himself.  But before throwing that word around he gave us some insight as to what it really means and why he’s embraced it as a title.

First, Dax taught us that the word GURU come from the Sanskrit terms gu (गु) and ru (रु) which stands for darkness and light, respectively.

Essentially the guru is someone who sheds light where there is darkness.  Or in other terms, he offers insight and awareness into ways of being that may not otherwise have been illuminated for people to choose to walk in.

When you teach your clients that eating sugar suppresses their immune system and causes them to become weak and sick, you are acting as a guru.  You are simply shedding light (understanding) where there was darkness (ignorance).

One of the most magical things about gurus are that they can often bring strength to others simply though their presence.  I often say that by “becoming The Stronger Version Of Yourself you give other people permission to do the same, without even saying a word!

In a way, we are ALL gurus.

For example, my daughter Emerson (yes, named after Ralph Waldo) is unceasingly generous.  She ALWAYS thinks of others, especially when she has something that the others don’t.  She is compelled to share! So we nicknamed her “Generous Emer”.

I wish I could take credit for her generosity but the fact is that I am far more selfish than she is.  At only 5 years old, my daughter has shown me how to be more generous.

Without saying a word she has shown me “the light” and given me permission to be more giving of my time and possessions.

In a way, she is one of my gurus.

You also have a guru inside you.

There are stories that you can share, insights that you have gleaned, experienced that you’ve learned from that may shed light on a dark area in someone’s life.

You have gifts that may change someones life… if only you shared it with them

That is why I take The 4th Layer Of Strength so seriously.

That is why I created The 4th Layer Business Workshop for you to attend.

And it is also why I’m offering it at such a low cost.

I  know that one of my gifts is the ability to motivate and inspire people to become Stronger Versions Of Themselves.  I also have the technical understanding of HOW to take your knowledge and gifts and help you share it with the world via the internet.

When you use the system I’ll teach you at the workshop, you’ll not only fulfill your legacy… you’ll learn how to earn a living by doing what you love most.  Helping others.

Click this link to register:

See ya there :)

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Izaak June 7, 2012

What’s the closest airport to bangor, me

Elliott June 7, 2012

Bangor Airport (BGR).

Marcel June 7, 2012

Bangor International Airport at Bangor, Maine.

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