To Embrace A Woman’s Body

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According to many traditions, including Chinese
medicine, everything in nature possesses both
masculine and feminine qualities.

Water is feminine in its yielding, which allows it
to take the shape of the container it is in.

Water can also act in a masculine manner though its
extinguishing effect on fire.

Earth is feminine in it’s life producing capacity when
implanted by a seed.

Earth may also act in a masculine manner thought
its kinetic energy demonstrated through an avalanche.

The annual seasons can be classified by masculine
(hot, dry) and feminine qualities (cold, wet).

Electricity is possible though the energy produced
between positive (masculine) and negative (feminine)
energy poles.

And even the digital technology which brings this
text message to you is powered by the interaction
of a series of ON and OFF switches.

In the poem of Genesis “The Tree Of Wisdom”
imparts knowledge of tov wa-ra.

The traditional translation is “good and evil”, but
tov wa-ra is a fixed expression denoting “everything,”
rather than a moral concept.

EVERYTHING is male / female.

There is no full expression of the masculine, in absence
of the feminine.

This is also apparent in our sport of strength or muscle

There is no ANABOLIC without CATABOLIC.

We have to break down (male) in order to build up

To separate and demonize one side of this two sided
coin is to demonize EVERYTHING that exists.

As men, sometimes we have to embrace our woman-ness
to become more masculine.

It is ALL tov wa-ra.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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toast October 30, 2012

Great post.. it’s clear to me why you recommended to have a look at Alan Watts

Joram Clervius October 30, 2012

Every now and then I read your posts and watch your videos. Over that time, I’ve been mostly confused about what I think of your “tov wa-ra”. Now, i’m confident in the fact that i’m utterly impressed. Your advice makes sense, and your yearn for knowledge is admirable. I look forward to seeing where your path takes you.

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