Dropping The Axe: The Body IS The Mind

in Energetic Strength

In college I became good friends with another football player
from Long Island named Richie.

Richie’s parents were from Trinidad, a small “Wess Indy-ahn”
island country in the Caribbean.

Since he and I were both raised in neo-traditional, West Indian
families, we had a lot of jokes and experiences in common.

Richie and I would often laugh about how our parents would
host huge parties where they blasted Soca or Reggae music.

At these parties, that would sometimes go on for 2-3 days, all
of the adults would spend hours dancing, laughing and
sometimes crying.

The children would run wild in the neighborhood playing games
or holding our own little “mock adult parties” where we would
sometimes do the things we saw them doing.

There was always lots of excitement! The atmosphere was
filled with happy sounds, delicious scents and vibrant

I was very young but I remember my mother and her sisters
dancing with each other in a very provocative manner. There
was no shame in their celebration of sexuality.

After the song they would all let out a vibrant belly laugh that
caused their entire bodies to pulsate and explode, often bringing
tears to their eyes.

Then they would sigh out loud, then go back to cooking food
and drinking punch.

Today I am probably about the same age that my parents were
when they used to host these “orgastic” parties.

But our parties are very, very different.

Mostly, our parties look like a cadre of half-interested, slightly
awkward, tightly-wound bodies holding cups of beer while trying
to engage in superficial conversation.

Occasionally a few of the women will form a circle and attempt
to dance by swinging their stiff hips from side to side.

If the excitement builds and the men decide to join, they’ll
contribute a series of awkward hip thrusts towards their woman’s
rear end that looks as if they are stabbing their woman in the ass with
their dick.

This scene is very different from the vibrant energy and fluid
pulsation I observed oozing from the bodies of my parents,
aunts and uncles, at their sweaty, orgasmic celebrations.

What is the difference between two cultures, that allows one group
to express such fluid and beautiful elation though the vibration of
their bodies… and another, to become so tightly wound that to
dance requires the same effort as fixing a flat tire?

One culture, the one I live in, is focused on building intelligence in
the head.

While the other trusts and ALLOWS the intelligence of the body to
carry them.

In the United States and most “civilized” cultures there is a split
between the brain in the head and the brain in the body.

We have become so detached from our bodies that many scoff at the
idea that there is even a “brain” in it.

Most people point to their head when asked where their brain is, but
never consider that over 90% of the activities that they are currently
engaged, is being carried through by their subconscious mind.

The subconscious is the master of our Autonomic Nervous System.

This is the branch of the Peripheral Nervous System that is responsible
for doing all of the things that we don’t think about.

Things like the beating of your heart, the moving of feces though
your colon, and your sympathetic response to stress is governed by the

According to many experts, as well a ancient martial arts tradition, the
seat of the subconscious mind lies within the body itself (which is evident
by it’s control of the body via the ANS).

Just like we point to the brain to symbolize “brain thinking”, pointing to
the heart or belly would symbolize “body thinking”.

In a way we all know this is true… if you ask someone to point to where
their “self” is, they will most likely point to their chest or belly.

When you were a child you allowed full control of your body to the
ANS. When you took your first “suckle” of milk from your mothers
breast, it was the intelligence of your subconscious via the ANS that
“told you” how to suckle.

When you had to poop, the sphincters of your anus would simply
open and poop came out.

Then as you grew older, and with the help of your parents, you began
to develop your ego, which is governed by the “conscious mind”.

This was good because it gave you the ability to delay feeding until
a more appropriate time (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and control the
muscles of your anus to poop when and where it was appropriate.

But it didn’t stop there! The chasm between the intelligence of your
body and the ego control of the head-brain continued to grow… until
began to seem like two separate entities.

(I’ve got some theories about WHY we’ve been conditioned in this way, but
I’ll leave that rant for another day!)

Now many of us have become so far removed from the brilliance of
our bodies that we can’t even dance!

What should be a normal bodily expression of grace and sexuality, governed
by the ever-amazing subconscious mind, requires a considerable conscious
effort from the head-brain.

Our bodies have become so rigid with ego control and constraints
that e-motions such as sadness and joy, which would would normally
evoke sobbing or laughter, aren’t even available to us.

What a sad state of affairs when mankind has been so conditioned that
we literally and figuratively enjoy only a shallow dose of  laughter, dance
or joy in our lives!

The answer is to LET GO.

Learning how to break the physical shackles of chronic muscular
tension, from our assholes to our eyebrows, will allow the room needed
in our vessel for the expression of the vitality trapped inside all of us.

Here is your challenge for the next few days….


I don’t mean go get drunk and engage in that dick stabbing move or
the awkward butt shaking I mentioned before.

I mean turn on some soca or reggae music (or whatever)… then sway,
twist, wave and feel your body.

Shake out all of the tension trapped in your ass, your belly, your shoulders,
your neck, your legs, your arms and your face… let is all go loose!

Rub your hands all over your body like you’re making love to yourself; massage
your face, your belly and even your sex organs if the desire arises.

At first this may feel weird, but what is weird about bringing awareness
and love to the parts of you that beat, digest, pulsate and vibrate to
keep you alive and sensitive… without your thinking about it?!?!

Let go.

And dance.

** If you’re feeling brave, record yourself dancing and if you want to share it
with us, post the video below (no pressure).

Also, you might write about it in a journal and if you want to share that with us
also, post it below (no pressure) **

With Love and Strength,
Elliott Hulse

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Matt Jhbk(whatever) March 12, 2012

My favorite ‘exercise’ for letting go, for a while, has been shaking… in a controlled rhythmic manner and deep exhaling. I’ve never thought of it as dancing before, but I guess it kind of is. You rule Elliot.

p.s.- i freaking love ackee

Elliott March 14, 2012

I’ve been using some of the “charging” exercises I’ve learned though bioenergetic bodywork… I may do a video about that soon. Thanks Matt!

Tom March 12, 2012

Your right, Elliott, this is definately not a normal blog! But i love the way it’s going and look forward to future posts, you’re views are definately eye opening. Thank you!

Elliott March 14, 2012

Thanks for reading Tom!

Jonesy March 12, 2012

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS good job Elliott

Chris Rossomando March 12, 2012

Great Elliot! It is often said that we don’t breathe… We are being breathed (add any other involuntary act)

Thanks, keep it going

Elliott March 14, 2012

“the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” – somewhere is Genesis ;)

Matt Jhbk(w/e) March 12, 2012

“U ain’t gotta go to the club to get ya booty shake on… Before there was a club there was the jungle & da wild doesn’t belong in the club who can control that…Only in America we dance like this outside of the club & it doesn’t need money to make it rain on her like that.”

Working on homework and listening to music which was played during capoeira practice and someone posted that… thought I would share.

Alex March 12, 2012

Now we’re talking !!
Excelent article and excellent direction you are going into..
It is painfull to see what our so called evolved society has turned us into, in order for us to behave and be good workers.. many health problems can be related to this pressure, you dont see this in third world countries or ancient societies, where everyone is loose and not affraid to relate with each other..
Unfortunatelly we are ruled by fear and models of what we should become and behave like..
Would also love to read something about the “superego” subject, the blocking between our inner and unconcious desires and what really reflects into our actions and conciousness.
Another sugestion would be to write something about why living in such big cities, people are getting everyday more lonely, the human being is affraid of what he doesnt know and was developed in societies in wich every member knew every other member.. altough there are so much more people we get to know in big cities, there a lot more that we dont know and unconciously fear, wich in times creates bit tensions..

greg March 13, 2012

I read an article today in Time, how the number of Americans living alone, has nearly increased to about 28%. A lot of it has to do with how some people setup their lives, since they don’t want to deal with roommates, or are single. A lot of them are not lonely per say, but A lot of communities do not have fulfillment for some people, so they just end up standing alone.
Granted there is some advantage to the peace, to think in your own terms and everything, but I found if you can’t express it correctly, then your ideas are limiting.

I remember when I just love raving. I would dance all night alone now, and be a bit out of place due to my age, but I do it anyways. Still is the most releasing thing in the world. With friends, it was even better. It felt really deep and spiritual, every time. Who knew dancing in a dark room, listening to repetitive electronic music, could reset my brain like it would.

Elliott March 14, 2012

such true statements Alex, thanks for participating!

Jody Schools March 12, 2012

As you say Elliott letting go is key to loosing chronic tension.I find the best mind set for “letting go” is for at least a little while is to “NOT GIVE A FLYING F–K WHAT ANYBODY ELSE THINKS” Escape from what is or maybe expected of you and be selfish for long enough for you to truly relax.

Elliott March 14, 2012

“what everyone else thinks” is the most insidious form of self slavery!

Michael March 12, 2012

thank you im gonna try this i hope it works

Elliott March 14, 2012

sometimes it takes a few times… but it works for sure.

I’ll be sharing more about “discharging” in later posts.

Thanks Michael

Devom March 12, 2012

Im a high school student (senior:D) and through the years I’ve took notice about how much times have actually changed and how everyone is influenced about everyone else’s thoughts. Like I myself love to just dance out of no where an with a couple girl friends, not what other people call “grinding” just going with the beat and having a good time. So it seems like a lot high school students choices and opinions are based on what everyone else’s says or thinks. Learn to think for yourself.

I’m loving what you do and in some way inspired, and I’m very fortunate that you spend your time helping others become the best version of “you” that you can become.

Elliott March 14, 2012

The “copy cats” only get worse as you get older… MUCH worse.

Stay true Devom!

Eric Hulse March 13, 2012

Nice brother! As a music teacher, I’m so fortunate to be with kids all day who LOVE to move and dance and COULD CARE LESS what others think of them! They are perfect roles models in that way. We as adults can learn a lot from their ability to just BE AS THEY ARE! It’s actually quite beautiful to watch at times.

Also, those parties where mad fun! I totally get my dance moves from Mom (you get yours from Dad!)


Elliott March 14, 2012

That’s cool… mom’s moves were kinda weird anyway LOL!

Brandon March 13, 2012

This post is epic. I love it. You continue to surprise me everytime I run into your content Elliot.

Just want to say thanks.


Elliott March 14, 2012

Thanks for joining us Brandon!

Spida Hunter March 13, 2012

My bro your journey is awesome cuz we have a unique (to others) out look but to you & I it’s our “normal”!

Keep expressing brother, sexuality/movement/exercise/spirit/emotions etc…. All need to be expressed to our ACTUAL potential not societies or our perceived potential!

Mauri ora (sharing our breath of life together)

Elliott March 14, 2012

We’re from the same “tribe” Spida!

Wian March 13, 2012

Awesome post Eliott! Gonna try it! I can see that these post will become part of my everyday routine! Love the info!

Elliott March 14, 2012

I’ll be sharing more about this later on… actual exercises that you can do every day! Thanks Wian!

Rich Moroni March 14, 2012

right on!

Jeff March 15, 2012

This is amazing! I can totally relate to your childhood. I grew up in a hispanic family and every other weekend we would get together. My family wasn’t afraid to cry, laugh and truly speak how they felt to each other. The conversations they had actually seem intimidating to get to these days. You could feel the energy of the room, and I was always kind of left out because I wasn’t taught spanish so i couldn’t talk to the rest of the family on the level they were communicating with. I digress though. I play the ukulele which always gets me in a dancing mood or a calm mood. If I don’t play ukulele for a couple days, i actually feel more distressed in body parts located in my solar plexus. My back problems arise and my IBS symptoms come back slightly. Playing ukulele is my bioenergetic release =O. Thanks for the info Elliot! I appreciate the care and knowledge!

Caleb March 17, 2012

I am loving the rawness of this newsletter Elliott. Its refreshing to know that there are other people out there that are living life!

Nathan Hine October 29, 2012

I am trying to learn to not worry bout what I look like, and just be me, relax, shake it out, dance if I feel like it.

Wouldn’t it be great if the people you deal with on a daily basis could all get this same attitude to just let loose.
I’m sure there would be a lot more laughing and a lot more smiles, also a lot less troubles.

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