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A few years ago I watched a documentary about the fictional
character Superman.

I think the show was called “The Psychology Of Superman”,
or something like that.

Anyway, one section of this documentary was about Clark
Kent and how his character was modeled after the “average

They went on to describe him as…. low self esteem, timid,
a follower, indecisive, uncreative, shy and easily affected.

THIS was how the creator of Superman and Clark Kent
felt the “average man” should be portrayed.

The fact that the Superman comic is clearly the most
successful superhero story in modern history means that
something in both Clark Kent and his alter-ego, Superman,
resonates with most people.

The fact is that even as we live our waking lives in a similar
way to Kent… we all, at sometime or another, feel like ripping
off our suits and flying about as a super man.

Just like Clark Kent represents the weaker version of every
person… the SUPER MAN represents all that we have the
capacity to become, if we decided to rip off our boring brown

Although you might not actually wear a brown suit everyday
like Kent, you ARE wearing a form of physical resistance that
holds the stronger you as hostage.

It comes in the form of muscular tension.

This muscular tension is a byproduct of holding back all of
the “inappropriate” feelings and emotions that you may have
experienced as a child.

“Sit down! Shut up! That’s dangerous! You’re too small!”

While following those dictate may have been helpful to you at
some level, they also caused you to repress much of your curiosity,
courage and vibrance.

But you are not a kid anymore.

You can let go of these unresourceful ideas that cause you to hold
the super man inside you hostage via neurotic muscular holding
patterns and shallow breathing.

There are physical exercise that you can use to break up this
tension in you muscle so that you can unleash the physical,
physiological and mentally STRONGER version of yourself.

And I want to teach them to you.

That is why I am holding a Stronger Mind & Muscle Workshop
in Bangor Maine next month.

This workshop is not your typical “sit and learn” bore-fest. It
is highly hands-on and experiential.

You WILL walk away from this workshop as a stronger version
of yourself and you will experience layers of strength that you
may have not known was there.

Just like Superman, you will begin to rip off the ugly, brown suit
that you’ve been wearing for so long.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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