Level 1

STRENGTHOLOGY Coach Layer 1: Dec. 6 – 8 2012

Get Certified In Elliott Hulse’s STRENGTHOLOGY Method For
Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself & Inspiring Others To Grow Stronger Too!

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NOTE: This workshop is limited to ONLY 6 Students.  Enrollment will be closed as soon as all 6 spots have been filled.

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What Is The STRENGTHOLOGY Layer 1 Workshop?

This workshop is the FIRST level in the comprehensive STRENGTHOLOGY Certification.

Briefly, the STRENGTHOLOGY Mission is to first become the strongest version of ourselves, then support others in becoming the strongest version of THEMselves.  You can learn more about this mission and the vision for STRENGTHOLOGY Certified Coaches at this link. 

Here is an outline of the workshop sessions:

Day 1:

Day 1 (am) – The Atlas: Root Of All Muscle Viruses (w/ Dr. Moses Bernard)
Day 1 (pm) – Field Trip to the Pierce Clinic for Atlas Assessments

*Note – if you are unfamiliar with the role of The Atlas in muscular strength and balance, here is a YouTube video I created called Muscle Imbalances & The Nervous System.

Day 2:

Day 2 (am) - Discovering Muscle Viruses Through Assessments
Day 2 (pm) – Correcting Muscle Viruses With Exercises/ Stretches

Day 3:

Day 3 (am) – Movement Patters / Case Study
Day 3 (pm) – Gym Coaching / Workout Session

The best part about the weekend is the comrade.  Feedback from past participants made it clear to me that it was the time spent eating together and holding “side conversations” that was the most valuable stuff.

STRENGTHOLOGY is more than just a method for “getting stronger”.  It has become a culture, designed to support every individual in their personal development AND in the use of their gifts to support others on their journey.

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Who Is This Workshop For?

Anyone who is committed to becoming the strongest version of themselves. 

Of course, our unique message of strength doesn’t jive with everyone.  Some people either “already know what they are doing”, and would rather not have the support of other motivated and compassionate folks who are taking the same journey.  Also, I have found that some people are either too skeptical or cynical to consider many of the ideas offered in this course.

Men, women, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are open-minded, creative and are willing to explore non-conventional means for personal and professional development seem to do best in our workshops.

If that sounds like you, then I invite you to join us.

What Will I Learn?

Elliott has been a student of some of the most innovative coaches, practitioners and mentors in the field of fitness, functional health and personal development.  Throughout his years of study and practice he has used the knowledge gained by studying with various experts, along with his own practical experience, to develop the STRENGTHOLOGY Certification.

What you will learn is Elliott’s unique, condensed version of over 10 years of experience as a coach.

In the Layer 1 workshop you will learn how to assess and correct what Elliott calls “Muscle Viruses”.  But it is really the subtle insights that you’ll learn by working with Elliott during these three days that may prove to be the most valuable thing you learn while here.

Where Is The Workshop Being Held?

This workshop is being held at Elliott Hulse’s gym, Strength Camp, in St. Petersburg Florida.

Travel details, including which airport to fly into as well as nearby hotels will be provided upon registration.

** Travel information will be provided when you register for this workshop **

How Do I Join?

First, be sure that you have completed the Advanced Neuromuscular Strengthprerequisite home study course.

Then, if there is still space left in our next live workshop… CLICK HERE to register today.

How Much Does The Workshop Cost?

Currently the cost of this workshop is only $1,497.00

Considering that I personally invested over $10,000 on education in my first year of business (while broke and hungry),
the cost of this workshop is severely under priced.

Demand for this workshop is steadily growing so the cost will be going up very soon.  If you’d like to be “grandfathered”
in at this current low price, I invite you to register now.

NEED A PAYMENT PLAN? — Click here for our 2 Payment Plan (2 payments of $750 spaced 30 days apart)

Is It Worth It?

Of course I think it is well worth the investment, but please don’t just take my word for it… see what others have to say:

Dave actually decided to write a blog series all about his experience at STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1. 
You can read the posts below:

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Here are some pictures from the last workshop:

I’m looking forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey of STRENGTH!

Click here when you’re ready to join us.

With Strength & Love,
Elliott Hulse

PS – If you have more questions, feel free to post them below!