Never in the history of the world has there been such great opportunities to become financially free by building a small business that also allows you to share your passion with others!

I want to show you exactly how I run my small, part-time publishing business with nothing more than my laptop right here in my warehouse gym.

Like I said in the video, I am NOT a marketing expert.  I am just a coach who happens to have built an “Online Personal Brand” that allows me to sell my ideas on fitness, training and personal development to people all over the world.

And with the way the economy is changing, I want to show you how to “fly above the storm” by creating the same kind of financial freedom and creative lifestyle business as I have.

What Is A 4th Layer Business?:

Elliott’s brand of personal development, which he calls STRENTGHOLOGY, consists of “4 Layers Of Strength”.  The first layer is Physical, the second is Physiological, the third is Energetic and THE FOURTH LAYER of strength is Presentable Strength.

Presentable Strength is the science of “how you present the world with your gifts“.

Every single person on Earth has an empowering story or some empowering information that if they were to share it with others could potentially change their lives.

It is my conviction that as we become stronger versions of ourselves it is our responsibility to share our strength with others.

This is the philosophy behind the name “4th Layer Business”.  But the bottom line is that we’ll be talking about internet business building, online branding, creating info products, holding workshops, seminars and clinics where we can “present” others with our gifts… and earn a great living at the same time.

Where Is This Workshop?:

Strength Camp Gym St. Peterburg, Florida (receive hotel and venue information after you register).  Since my gym can only hold about 50 people, we will end registration after the first 50 sign-up.

When Is It?:

September 21-22 nd 2012 9am – 5pm on both days.  After the first day we will meet in downtown St. Pete for dinner and socializing.

Who’s Invited?:

Anyone who has an important message that they would like to share with the world.  Even if you don’t have a website or even know what Facebook is, we’ll help you get stated.  This workshop is NOT only for coaches and my Strengthology Students… It is for everyone who is compelled to help others and earn a living while doing so.

How Much Does It Cost?:

Because I am so passionate about sharing these ideas with you… I am going to make this super, super easy for you to join.

When you invest only $147 to join me and my partner, Alex Maroko, for this workshop you discover how to take that investment and earn it back 10,000 x over and over again.


The price goes up to $197 on July 1st

Then the price goes to $247 on August 1st

And finally $297 on September 1st

It has taken us hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire the knowledge that we have about building an online brand, but we are happily sharing it with you for this low price…. because it is a part of our mission!

This is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss.  Join us now by clicking the “Register Now” button below.


Looking forward to meeting you!
Elliott Hulse






What Exactly Are We Going To Learn? - During these two days Elliott and Alex will unveil the entire inner workings of their online information product businesses.  They will show you how they have earned a combined 7-figures over the past 5 years by creating information products, building an online personal brand and publishing their ideas on social media formats such as YouTube and Facebook.

You will walk away with a firm understanding of HOW to build an internet business, as well as the motivation to get started RIGHT AWAY.

Will There Be Any Training Or Fitness Education? – The main purpose of this workshop is to set you up with an online business to share your passions and become financially free.  Of course, since we’ll be meeting at Elliott’s gym you may be tempted to lift an atlas stone or flip a tire.  If the desire arises, then feel free to get your hands dirty during one of our lunch breaks!

What If I Don’t Know Anything About Internet Business? - This workshop was created with the beginner in mind.  Even if you don’t have a website or product yet, we can help you gain perspective and get the whole process started fast.

I Already Have A Product, How Can This Workshop Help Me? - I created my first online product in 2007.  It took me six months to create and I only sold 10 copies.  Needless to say, having my own product did not make me rich.  What we’ll be sharing with you goes far beyond product creation.  We are going to show you how to build an “online brand”, which is a tangible asset that you can use to share your ideas and earn a living with or without the internet for years to come.

Why Have You Priced This So Cheap? - Like I mentioned above, we are in this because we are passionate about helping people.  Also, we want to make sure that everyone, even those who may be struggling right now, have an opportunity to take advantage of all we have to share with you.  But, be careful… each month that goes by the price goes up! So join us now by clicking the link below.