As promised “the gloves are coming off” and I’m coming out swinging!

Lets go.

From time to time I will be DROPPING THE AXE with some of the ideas I offer.

My objective is not to alienate, ostracize, demonize or proselytize.

It’s simply to share an idea on a topic that is often divisive.

In this way, the idea I share may “bring the axe” to separate those who are truly offended, from those who are intrigued, from those who are fully enrolled in the entertainment of the idea.

To those who are offended: I invite you to explore your feelings.  Notice what happens in your body when you read or hear things that stir emotion.

For example, I’ve noticed that in the instant that I am being verbally attacked (either written or spoken) my body’s initial reaction is to tighten or pull up my anus while causing my breath to become shallow.

In this way you may become more aware of your subconscious conditioning.

Our very initial reaction to ideas, words or events that press against our conditioning often cause our bodies to “replay” the trauma that embedded the conditioning.  The dissonance between our conditioning and the imposing idea will first cause physical discomfort.

For me, I experience the physical manifestation of FEAR as a response to the dissonance.  In fear we tend to stop breathing.  It has been suggested that as primal man we needed to hold our breath as to not be heard when a predator was near.  I’m really not sure if that is true… but it’s an interesting idea.

Also the tightening of my anus may represent one of two things… First, it may be the human expression of the animal-like reaction to “tuck the tail between the legs” in fear.

It may also be, as Sigmund Freud suggested, the remnant of suppressed memories from one of the first, most traumatic, experiences in a child’s life — potty training!  According to Freud there is much sensitivity and emotional dysfunction surrounding the muscular control of the anus in “civilized” cultures.

The point is to remain detached.  Feel your feelings – then watch what happens! 

The worst thing to do is react.

In reaction we bypass rational, objective thinking and attack straight from our most base emotions… like fear, anger, jealousy, etc.

But, if the pain becomes to much to handle… I won’t be offended if you choose to leave.

To those who are intrigued: I invite you to look away, then look again.

In my experience the greatest awareness and most precious forms of creativity come from the blending of seemingly opposite ideas.

I once read that genius is the ability to see how everything, no matter how contradictory, is connected.

When you can see how hate is inextricably linked to love.

When you can see how good can not exist without evil.

When you can see how science and spirituality are both saying the same thing, with different languages.

When you sense the winter season in your life, yet understand that it too will pass and spring with burst forth in all of its glory and pleasure, just as it does in nature…


But the only way to earn this type of sensitivity is to openly explore opposing ideas.

If what I say here speaks to you, then accept the good feelings and move away.

Move to another place where the words I speak are challenged.

Then come back and re-read my words from a newer, more experienced perspective.

To those who are fully enrolled: Do not believe anything I say.

I invite  you to become sensitive, a thinker.

Someone who believes has no reason to experience.

What they believe is not their own.  It belongs to the person, religion, political party, cult, family that gave it him.

I invite you to EXPERIENCE.

All real knowledge comes from experience.

To know is to experience.

To believe is to have faith.

There is no need to have faith in any of my ideas, even if you like them.

What is needed is experience.

If you meet an idea that speaks to your heart… try it.

Wrestle with it.

Question it.

Make love to it.

Eat it.

Digest it.

Let it pass though the digestive tract of your mind, extracting all of what is good for YOU, RIGHT NOW.

Let it become a part of who you are; your DNA.

In this way you will have experienced these ideas instead of merely believing in them.

And in your experience you might find that I am full of shit.  You may discover that what I am saying is nonsense.

But it will be YOUR choice.

You will be acting from a place of freedom and responsibility.

Only through freedom and personal responsibility can we become our strongest selves.

With Strength & Love,


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This is really something that I should have done a LONG time ago.

But finally it’s here… a brand new format to share advanced ideas about becoming “stronger” with a community that appreciates creativity and self expression.

My main objective with the creation of this platform is to get closer to the people who deeply enjoy discovering, learning and sharing deeper concepts, philosophies and methods for personal development.  I want to know WHO you are and what draws you to these ideas.

This blog is about YOU and your personal journey in strength.  As such, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to share and participate.  I will either create a forum or add plugins that allow users to personally embed videos or post articles on this site.

The primordial spirit of this blog is to “become the strongest version of ourselves” and support one another on our journeys.

The main categories for discussion are the cultivation of Physical Strength, Physiological Strength, Psychological Strength and Presentable Strength (meaning how we “present” the gift of ourselves to the world).

If you’re familiar with my blog and Yo Elliott YouTube Channel please be assured that I will continue to serve my readers and viewers with the best strength training information I can deliver via those formats.

This new platform is an expansion of some of the more creative (out of the box) ideas I’ve briefly shared in the past.  Here I will “take off the gloves” and offer a 100% genuine expression of The “Sorta-Weird” Elliott that you’ve experienced glimpses of in the past. — I will hold nothing back, and I invite the same type of participation from you :)

One more thing… here is a link to an additional YouTube Channel that I’ll soon be uploading several of my more out-of-the-box ideas in video format.  (videos coming soon)

With Increasing Love And Strength,

Elliott Hulse

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