A few years ago I watched a documentary about the fictional
character Superman.

I think the show was called “The Psychology Of Superman”,
or something like that.

Anyway, one section of this documentary was about Clark
Kent and how his character was modeled after the “average

They went on to describe him as…. low self esteem, timid,
a follower, indecisive, uncreative, shy and easily affected.

THIS was how the creator of Superman and Clark Kent
felt the “average man” should be portrayed.

The fact that the Superman comic is clearly the most
successful superhero story in modern history means that
something in both Clark Kent and his alter-ego, Superman,
resonates with most people.

The fact is that even as we live our waking lives in a similar
way to Kent… we all, at sometime or another, feel like ripping
off our suits and flying about as a super man.

Just like Clark Kent represents the weaker version of every
person… the SUPER MAN represents all that we have the
capacity to become, if we decided to rip off our boring brown

Although you might not actually wear a brown suit everyday
like Kent, you ARE wearing a form of physical resistance that
holds the stronger you as hostage.

It comes in the form of muscular tension.

This muscular tension is a byproduct of holding back all of
the “inappropriate” feelings and emotions that you may have
experienced as a child.

“Sit down! Shut up! That’s dangerous! You’re too small!”

While following those dictate may have been helpful to you at
some level, they also caused you to repress much of your curiosity,
courage and vibrance.

But you are not a kid anymore.

You can let go of these unresourceful ideas that cause you to hold
the super man inside you hostage via neurotic muscular holding
patterns and shallow breathing.

There are physical exercise that you can use to break up this
tension in you muscle so that you can unleash the physical,
physiological and mentally STRONGER version of yourself.

And I want to teach them to you.

That is why I am holding a Stronger Mind & Muscle Workshop
in Bangor Maine next month.

This workshop is not your typical “sit and learn” bore-fest. It
is highly hands-on and experiential.

You WILL walk away from this workshop as a stronger version
of yourself and you will experience layers of strength that you
may have not known was there.

Just like Superman, you will begin to rip off the ugly, brown suit
that you’ve been wearing for so long.


I look forward to seeing you there.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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I remember watching a documentary about The American

Thomas Paine sparked the revolution with a document that
he wrote, by candle light, with a quill pen!

If writing this document that would forever change the course
of western civilization wasn’t hard enough, he had to get it out
to everyone.

This required that he use a printing press to manually
reproduce several copies of the document from his home.

Then he had to have them delivered to the 13 colonies by foot
and on horseback!

The fact that most people couldn’t even read, made his mission
even tougher.

It took several years for his ideas to reach the people in the
colonies, and even longer to spark the American Revolution.

Toady, things are a bit different.

If Thomas Paine lived today, he could simple start a blog,
YouTube channel, or just “tweet” his ideas about freedom and
revolution. (although the DHS would shut him down… fast!)

My point is that has never been easier to spread you unique
and empowering message of strength with MILLIONS of

It literally requires only a simple click of a mouse!

The biggest problem is that everyone can share ideas easily.

That makes the market for ideas flooded, and if you don’t
have a unique message that touches peoples hearts…. then
you’re voice will quickly be drowned out.

Thomas Pain, on the other hand, had very little competition :)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS - In a few months I’ll be holding a small workshop for people who
have a powerful message that they would like to share with others.

I call it “The 4th Layer Business” workshop because I fulfills the 4th
Layer in my STRENGTHOLOGY model for becoming the strongest
version of ourselves.

This layer is called “Presentable Strength” and it is all about
presenting the world with out gifts… and earning a living while doing

You can learn more about it here:

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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I once heard someone say, “with the internet the money
goes to whoever has the most eyeballs.

First, I don’t think this is entirely true, I think the most
money goes to the person who can SERVE the most
people in a way that they want to be served.

Next, what the heck does he mean by “the most eyeballs”?

Basically it’s a term to describe the garnering of attention.

If you can get “eyeballs” to your website, your video, your
offer… you’ll do better than someone who can’t get eyeballs.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how interesting, entertaining and
informative you are if there are no eyeballs pointed in your

So, here are three distinct ways that one of my best friends,
Ryan Magin, has told me about getting eyeballs.

1. You can buy more eyeballs, by paying for advertisement.

2. You can borrow more eyeballs, by doing a joint venture
with someone else who has eyeballs.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering “guest” guest
blog posts, or trading e mail broadcasts.

3. You can earn more eyeballs, by hustling in Google ranking.

YouTube is owned by Google, so when you make videos they
begin to compete with other keywords in your market.

This is one of my personal favorite methods for getting eyeballs.

I make a minimum of 3 YouTube videos a week. (but usually
a lot more)

These videos then begin to rank for others to find when
searching for “strength training”.

They are also shared by people on Facebook and Twitter.

People like short, entertaining, informative videos. And they
like to share them also.

Like I said, there are AT LEAST 3 ways to get eyeballs to
your ideas or website.

Pay, borrow or hustle.

No one method is better than the others.

If you are in the fitness industry you’ll recognize these names
and their “eyeball gathering” methods.

Mike Geary —> Payed Ads

Joel Marion —> Borrowed

Craig Ballantyne —> Hustle

Of course everyone may use multiple methods, but most
successful people choose to become very, VERY good at one
of them.


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Huls

PS - In a few months I’ll be holding a small workshop for people who
have a powerful message that they would like to share with others.

I call it “The 4th Layer Business” workshop because I fulfills the 4th
Layer in my STRENGTHOLOGY model for becoming the strongest
version of ourselves.

This layer is called “Presentable Strength” and it is all about
presenting the world with out gifts… and earning a living while doing

You can learn more about it here:

Looking forward to meeting you there! e


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I once learned that in order to be an innovator… a person
who creates new and remarkable work, you must FIRST
be an imitator.

“Imitate then innovate”

And it is VERY important to be an innovator if you’re
gonna get any attention on the internet.

There are millions of so-called experts regurgitating
the same copy-cat information for their entire careers.

(if their careers even last)

That’s why YOU have to seek out as many DIVERSE
ideas and experts in areas not in your immediate field
to imitate, then bring the new stuff home and innovate
for your readers to enjoy and benefit from.

For example… the Elliott Hulse that you know is a
conglomerate of several other experts whom I have
studied in order to create my “remarkable” brand

I’ve learned from my uncle Elroy, Jon DiFlorio, Vincent
Sulliven, Paul Chek, Emerson, OSHO, Alan Watts, Dan
Kalish, Robert Glazer and Alexander Lowen.

I’ve taken the ideas I’ve learned from this diverse cast
of experts and have created my own unique brand of

This is what you need to do before looking to create
products, write books and make a splash in your market.

You need to become worth “remarking” about, or

Who’s books do you read that are NOT directly related
to your field?

Expose yourself to new ideas, combine them to make it
a unique expression of YOUR OWN… and go out and
share it with people.

They might not always “get” what you are saying, but
they can’t call you boring, un-original or unremarkable.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Huls

PS - In a few months I’ll be holding a small workshop for people who
have a powerful message that they would like to share with others.

I call it “The 4th Layer Business” workshop because I fulfills the 4th
Layer in my STRENGTHOLOGY model for becoming the strongest
version of ourselves.

This layer is called “Presentable Strength” and it is all about
presenting the world with our gifts… and earning a living while doing

You can learn more about it here:

Looking forward to meeting you there! e


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(unedited rant)

I don’t know if things have always been this way… but it seems to me that NOW more than ever people have been talking about the DOOM and GLOOM of our future.  Not only here in America, with our over-extended empire building efforts and collapsing currency, but worldwide.

It if isn’t about the wars and economy, its about the “2012 Dooms Day” or how sick, sad and stupid we are all becoming because of the devitalized foods and drugs we are all ingesting.

So, what the hell do we do?

Personally I have invested way too much time in reading articles and watching videos that do nothing but make me more upset about the world we are creating for our children.  And make no bones about it… things will only get worse before they get better.

I don’t say that to be pessimistic.

I say it to be realistic.

It’s the way that nature works.  You have to breakdown before you build up.  This the case with building muscle or making an omelette… just as it is with the evolution of humankind on this planet.

We’ll have a period of darkness for sure… but I am just as optimistic about the period of light that will follow, as I am that morning will always follow nighttime.

When the sun goes down at night it doesn’t totally disappear.  Although we can not see it, it’s still lurking right around the corner waiting for its next opportunity to rise.

That is exactly how things will evolve with humankind on Earth.

Although we are obviously entering a time of “darkness” and challenge, the Sun will continue to shine… right around the corner.

In this analogy I use “darkness” to represent all of the immature paradigms that no longer serve humankind in our evolution.  It is these paradigms that causes us to cling to the Fascist regimes of our patriarchal hierarchy and keep us all imprisoned by their greed and our ignorance.

I won’t divulge what I believe to be the foundation principles of these paradigms, but it is clear that they are failing.

I use “light” or the rising of the sun as an analogy for what I see as the foundation principle for the new paradigm that will usher humankind into a new and exciting time in our evolution.

This principle is FREEDOM!

Personal freedom or liberty is at the heart of all that is LOVE.

Love doesn’t seek to control, nor does it want to be controlled.  Love is free!

The type of freedom that I am talking about here has nothing to do with politics or any government policy.  That type of freedom gives strength to the oppressor in the form of opposition.  “That which you resist, persists.”

Instead of “freedom from ____.”  I am talking about freedom to_____.

Freedom to become The Strongest Version Of Yourself!

In order to remain strong, The Dark Side (any person, institution or IDEA that hinders our ability to grow stronger) has to keep YOU weak.

You and I have been taught, from a very early age, that we are to SHUT UP and GET IN LINE.

Any behavior that may have been creative or individualistic was quickly squashed in order to train you in the way of “society”.  That is how this patriarchal system works,  you are always under the foot of someone higher up on the food chain that you.

And in your rejection of this attack on your uniqueness you either tuck your tail under, shut up and stand in line…. or you become a rebel.  And most rebels don’t make it in our system, they either go crazy or end up in jail.

But times are changing and rebels have now have a voice.  And because of the internet more and more people are being exposed to the lies and tyranny of our mental oppressors and are choosing to rebel.

The problem with most of their rebellion is that it is in reaction to the oppression.  When you first discover that you are being imprisoned, the immediate reaction is to try and fight the oppressor.  You’ll be fighting for “freedom from.

Then one day you discover that you are fighting against yourself!

As an adult, well trained in the way of society, you are no longer able to act in the creative and individualistic way that you did as a very young child.  You have been conditioned so well that you are usually not even making your own decisions.  You are behaving and THINKING the way you have been taught to.

Your parents force fed you their neurosis, that they adopted from their parents, their religion, their teachers, their friends, their government and the television set.

To think that you actually have “free will” is an illusion!

Everything you say and think has the neurotic stamp of society on it.  In fact, even the way you LOOK has been deformed by society.  Your fate is sealed!

No matter how much you hate the ugliness you see around you, there is no escape.  Especially since the ugliness is in YOU!

That is why I am not interested in changing the world.

The world is just the way it should be.

It is an expression of the “collective unconscious”.  Basically, we’ve all collaborated to bring us into the age that we now occupy.  There are many things that are MAGICAL about this age, and there are things that need to be destroyed.

But each advance towards the light, and every step away from darkness, takes place not in society as a whole… but within each person, one-by-one.

That is why Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself is the most important and unselfish thing that you can do.

If you want to change the world, begin with yourself FIRST.

This is no easy task and we will never be perfect… but I have created a system that may keep the sunlight shining in the background as we move towards a time of darkness.

My system is not perfect.  But it is a simple system that we can all personally use to become stronger.

I call it STRENGTHOLOGY, and it all revolves around The 4 Layers Of Strength.

When you work on developing your Physical Strength, Physiological Strength, Psychosomatic Strength and Presentable Strength…. You will be happier, healthier and more able to share your love with others.  In this way you’ll invite them to become stronger and they will join our mission.

To help you achieve that I have created this blog for sharing ideas, I will be creating more books and videos for you AND I have created the STRENGTHOLOGY Certification Workshop for you to work face-to-face with me and the others who are committed to our vision of strength.

We have another workshop coming soon and I’d be honored to meet you there.

Here are the details: http://strengthology.net/strengthology-coach-level-1/

In the meantime I would like to leave you with some additional resources for you to begin your journey.  CLICK THIS LINK to see my recommended reading list… I will be updating it again soon, so get started as soon as possible.

Darkness is inevitable.  It’s the way of nature.  There could be no daytime if the contrast of night did not exist.

We can say that this is bad or good, but it really doesn’t matter.  The fact is, that it just IS.

Together we are NOT fighting against the darkness of our time, that would be madness!

Instead we are working towards becoming the strongest version of ourselves in order to keep the light shining in the background.

Each one of us are considered tiny little photons that group together and create magnificent radiance.

Together we grow stronger, and together we’ll pass on the light!

With Strength and Love,

Elliott Hulse



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This post is the follow up to the first “Fly On The Wall” post featuring scenes from the March 2012 STRENGTHOLOGY Coach Certification.

To be honest, there are two reasons why I think these “fly on the wall” posts are so important.

1. Because I am SUPER proud of every single coach, trainer and “strength geek” who invests their time and resources into this workshop.  Words can not describe how grateful I am to be able to work with these extraordinary folks, and I look forward to offering updates on their success.

2. To motivate YOU!  If you happen to be sitting on the fence; still not sure if my STRENGTHOLOGY Coach Certification is right for you then I hope these stories will help you make a decision.

These folks are JUST LIKE YOU, and if they can do it — so can you!  (The next workshop is coming soon, you can join us here.)

Here is a picture of veteran strength coach Zach Marcy coaching Taylor (who you met last week) on how to properly foam roll his lower leg.  Through his assessment, Zach discovered that Taylor suffered from “flat feet” due to over pronation.

This type of Muscle Virus is often the root cause of medial rotation of the femur, which may lead to knee pain (or a ton of other orthopedic problems).

When designing the corrective stretching protocol for Taylor, Zach decided it would be very important for him to foam roll the muscles on the outside of his lower leg.

Zach has been a trainer for several years and is also the co-owner of a gym in Miami where he mostly trains athletes.  It was refreshing to have such an experienced and motivated coach as Zach with us during the workshop.

If I had to award “Top Student” it would be given to the man pictured above.  Like myself, Dave Hall is a voracious reader, writer, coach, therapist and has an insatiable appetite for knowledge!

In this picture you’ll notice Dave taking notes as one of the other student presents his program design case study at the front of the classroom.

A large part of the STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1 Workshop is the exchange of ideas between coaches.  Especially amongst those who have been training for a while.  Dave offered tons of insight during the workshop, and yet he takes notes when others are speaking (the hallmark of a successful man!)

Dave is totally committed to the first part of the STRENGTHOLOGY Mission, “to FIRST become the strongest version of ourselves.”  He is constantly working on himself so that he has more to offer to his clients, friends and family.

Check out Dave’s extensive (4 part) review of his experience at out workshop on his blog.

When I set the dates for the first workshop lots of my friends were baffled by the fact that I held it on St. Patrick’s Day.  They thought that attendance would be low due to the holiday.

Well, imagine leaving Ireland ON St. Patrick’s Day weekend to attend at workshop in St. Petersburg Florida! — That is exactly what Kevin Sheerin did.

Besides the fact that he left Ireland, on what is possibly their biggest holiday, Kevin is not even a coach (yet).  His main reasons for coming to the workshop are to work on himself first, and then help some of his friends who want to become the strongest version of themselves.

If I had to award “Most Interesting Student”… Kevin would be it.  He not only has a strong interest in becoming physically stronger… he seems to have firm understanding of topics as various as human nature and politics.

In this picture you see Kevin doing a “Thomas Test” assessment on Dave Hall.  This test is designed to discover tightness on the hip flexors and quads… it can also double as a stretch for each of those muscles as well (its a VERY painful stretch, if you’re found to be tight there).

Finally, there is the student that you see above (me).  He’s listening intently to the suggested training protocols designed by Chis Barnard (the taller dude)… who also happens to be the head coach at the gym!

I am the first to admit that I don’t know everything; and I make a concerted effort to consider the ideas of ANYONE who wants to offer their insight.

That is how I created the STRENGTHOLOGY Certification, and it is how I intend to carry forth our mission.

Nothing that I will teach you is brand new. Although much of it is based on my personal experiences and education.

Most of what you will learn from me, I learned from someone else.

And when you and I meet each other, the amount of impact we share is mutual.

I seek to learn from you, just as you learn from me.

Together we become STRONGER.

And as students on the same mission, we’ll work on the mutual goal of helping others become the strongest version of themselves!

Looking forward to meeting you at our next workshop!

 With Strength & Love,

Elliott Hulse

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If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be a “fly on the wall” at my gym, Strength Camp, then you might enjoy this post.

Of course, every single day is different… but what you’ll find below are snapshots and descriptions from one of the most action packed days at the gym.  The STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1 Certification workshop.

First of all, you’ll notice that in the majority of these pictures that we are half naked.  If you get excited at the sight of our manly bare chests… great! But we didn’t strip for your entertainment.

The reason why we all have our shirts off (and ladies would wear a sports bra) is because it’s critical to SEE your clients body while making an assessment of the type of unique Muscle Viruses they may have.

In this image you’ll notice me offering some insights about how to complete the Muscle Virus assessment sheet to our youngest STRENGTHOLOGY Coach, 19 year old Taylor Locke from Maine.  Taylor was an incredible guest and he is on his way to becoming one of the best fitness coaches in his community.

Taylor is a young dude who “gets it”. Unlike many of his peers, Taylor understands the type of focus and commitment required to become a successful coach.

Two things that Taylor shared with me that impressed me most are…

First, Taylor first discovered me and my training methods by using my Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded system to lose over 100 pounds in less than a year! (that is a lifetime achievement in itself).

Secondly, Taylor worked full time at McDonald’s in order to save up enough money to register and travel down to Florida in order to take The STRENGTHOLOGY Certification!  And he tells me that it was MORE than worth the sacrifice, in fact he is ready to come back down to work with me again!

In this image you’ll notice Chris Barnard behind the plum line as I share some insights about Chris’s Muscle Viruses.

Chris and I have a long history together.  First, Chris is an ex-client of mine.  About three years ago he came to Strength Camp in order to gain mass, strength and speed to play college football.  Chris was by far one of the most dedicated and talented athletes I’ve ever worked with (you might search some of my old YouTube videos to see him working out with me back then).

Once Chris graduated college, where he studied Exercise Science, he came to work at Strength Camp where now HE trains the majority of aspiring, young football players who train here.

As a multi-talented phenomenon, Chris is head coach at Strength Camp, my personal assistant (if you ever e mail me, it’s usually Chris who writes you back)… and is officially a STRENGTHOLOGY Certified Level 1 Coach who uses all of the assessments we learned in order to support other young athletes looking to make it big!

If you’ve been reading my e mails or following my videos for some time you’re well aware of my tendency towards tangential rants.  I tend to steer off course with my conversation as I get hooked on one particular statement or idea.  In person, I am no different. 

As we were on the topic of Muscle Viruses, the idea of “psychosomatic strength” came up.  The idea that each person physically carries their psychological character structure in their bodies, in the form of muscular tension, was first introduced to me though the work of Wilhelm Reich.

In this picture you’ll see me holding a book from my resource library that offers pictures and descriptions of what each of the most common “character structures” look like.

Directly across from me is new Level 1 Coach, Alex Villegas.  Alex possesses a very expansive and creative imagination that allows him to be open to new ideas and methods for helping his clients (he and I are very much alike in that way).  Not all students are as interested in learning about the deeper physiological and psychological roots of weakness and dysfunction as Alex is (and that’s okay).

I am excited to have Alex as a part of The STRENGTHOLOGY Movement and look forward to sharing working with him through the deeper layers of STRENGTHOLOGY.

At the end of Day 2 we had each learned about what Muscle Viruses plaque each participant and used that information to design corrective stretching and exercise plans for each person.

This part of the workshop is where we get to see the new information be put to practical use.  It begins with the stretching session but usually ends with everyone flipping tires, loading stones or pressing kegs!

In this picture you’ll notice my long time friend and new Level 1 Coach, Steve Ashton.  Steve and I met at the same Strongman Training workshop held by one of my mentors Tom Mitchell about 4 years ago.  At the time Steve had just opened his CrossFit Gym and I opened Strength Camp.  Both of our businesses have grow since then and I am proud to have him join us in the STRENGTHOLOGY Movement.

Steve’s extensive background and history in the fitness industry has graced him with a myriad of methods to use at his disposal.  Here he teaches Alex how to increase thoracic extension with the use of a few Yoga postures he uses with his clients.

STRENGTHOLOGY is less about what Elliott Hulse thinks is right and good, and more about bringing together ideas to support each other, and our clients, to become The Strongest Version Of Ourselves.

I am the first to admit where my vision was shortsighted or where I acted out of ignorance… I am far from perfect, but have no problem sharing what I think is helpful.  That is why I am committed to offering these workshops on multiple levels and empowering graduates to offer their insights as to how we can make the movement stronger.

In the near future STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches will be teaching these workshops to other aspiring professionals, as well as offering axillary workshops that provide more unique insights and methods for becoming “Stronger”.

If you’re committed to becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself, you are already a part of the movement.

And if you’re ready to accelerate your results and support others to join the same journey… then I invite you to join us for the next workshop in June.

Here are the details:

I have a few more pictures to share with you… see ya tomorrow :)

With Love & Strength,


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First, I want to share my gratitude to all of our newly certified STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1 coaches :)

(I’ll be opening enrollment for the new class soon.)

As much as I enjoyed every moment we spent together, my favorite moment was when I helped our youngest student, 19 year old Taylor Locke, instantly KILL A MUSCLE VIRUS that had been plaguing him.

Apparently Taylor had been avoiding the barbell back squat for several months due to a tight and painful right shoulder.

During one of our application sessions I asked Taylor to get under the bar as if he were going to squat.  He then revealed that he “couldn’t do it”… THAT is when I decided to show him some Muscle Virus Magic.

First, it was clear that Taylor’s right upper trap, leveator scapula and medial rotators of his upper arm were SUPER tight…. just by looking at him.

But since we had performed several muscular-skeletal assessments prior to this session, we knew EXACTLY what was wrong with Taylor’s shoulder.

As I always suggest using “corrective stretches” BEFORE training (as opposed to so many other “gurus”) I sat Taylor down on a bench and showed him how to stretch ONLY the muscles the right side of his neck and shoulder.

The entire corrective stretching protocol took us about 5 minutes.

Then I asked Taylor to approach the bar, as he did before, to try a back squat.

Not only did he have the ability to get under the bar, which he could not do just 5 minutes earlier, he presented a glowing smile and remarked that “my shoulder feels like it’s brand new!

In the course of 5 minutes we took a kid who may have avoided one of the most important strength and muscle building exercises for the rest of his career… and gave him the power to begin using it again!

Like magic?


There is nothing magical about developing The First Layer Of Strength (physical strength).

But it DOES require that we pay close attention to the following, often overlooked, things:

1. How The Nervous System “Communicates” With The Muscular System (more on this later)

2. Muscular-Skeletal Balance and Joint Articulation

3. Development of Movement Strength (as opposed to isolated muscular strength)

4. Functional Strength and Power Production

Becoming the strongest version of ourselves is LESS about how big our chest muscles are and more about how well we carry ourselves.

ONLY a strong, vibrant and vital body is capable expressing the radiance that lies within all of us!

Think of your body as a vessel that carries the most precious cargo on Earth.

With Strength & Love,


PS – I’ll post videos and pictures from our STRENGTHOLOGY weekend later this week.  I’m waiting on the photographer to get back to me.

Talk to you then!

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A few months ago I created a YouTube video and blog post I called The 4 Layers Of Strength.

The purpose of this video was to share my idea that “STRENGTH” goes far deeper than how much weight you can lift, or how big your biceps are.

You can read a full description of the significance of all 4 Layers, as well as my vision for STRENGTHOLOGY on the about page of this blog.

The last of the 4 Layers I call, “Presentable Strength”.

The idea behind Presentable Strength is that each of us has a unique talent, gift or faculty that in some way, large or small, can support others in becoming the strongest version of themselves.

It is not only our right as creative human beings to be able to earn a fair living through the “presentation” of our gifts… it is our RESPONSIBILITY.

It is up to us to discover, magnify, develop and offer our gifts to people who are looking for them AND employ methods to feed ourselves and keep a roof over our heads.

If the world is willing to pay you millions for your gift, great!

If the world is only willing to pay you enough to live comfortably, this is great also.

Our purpose is NOT the chasing of dollars for mere accumulation, or so called “security”. 

Our purpose in building Presentable Strength is to earn the FREEDOM to continue developing our gifts and discover more ways to share it.

Discovering your gifts is a life long process, as you mature so do your gifts.  Also, as you gain wisdom you’ll uncover personal layers that will reveal gifts that you didn’t even know you had!

Together we learn how to “present” our “presents” :)

Here is an interview I did last week for a blog dedicated to building businesses around your gifts and talents called The Rise To The Top.

I dropped lots of interesting little nuggets that may be of support to you! Enjoy!

With Love and Strength,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Our small community of men and women dedicated to becoming stronger and sharing our strength is growing.

We already have over 2,000 members reading this blog!

To say I am shocked and excited is an understatement.

Continue on the journey, and spread the word by sharing this blog post


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In college I became good friends with another football player
from Long Island named Richie.

Richie’s parents were from Trinidad, a small “Wess Indy-ahn”
island country in the Caribbean.

Since he and I were both raised in neo-traditional, West Indian
families, we had a lot of jokes and experiences in common.

Richie and I would often laugh about how our parents would
host huge parties where they blasted Soca or Reggae music.

At these parties, that would sometimes go on for 2-3 days, all
of the adults would spend hours dancing, laughing and
sometimes crying.

The children would run wild in the neighborhood playing games
or holding our own little “mock adult parties” where we would
sometimes do the things we saw them doing.

There was always lots of excitement! The atmosphere was
filled with happy sounds, delicious scents and vibrant

I was very young but I remember my mother and her sisters
dancing with each other in a very provocative manner. There
was no shame in their celebration of sexuality.

After the song they would all let out a vibrant belly laugh that
caused their entire bodies to pulsate and explode, often bringing
tears to their eyes.

Then they would sigh out loud, then go back to cooking food
and drinking punch.

Today I am probably about the same age that my parents were
when they used to host these “orgastic” parties.

But our parties are very, very different.

Mostly, our parties look like a cadre of half-interested, slightly
awkward, tightly-wound bodies holding cups of beer while trying
to engage in superficial conversation.

Occasionally a few of the women will form a circle and attempt
to dance by swinging their stiff hips from side to side.

If the excitement builds and the men decide to join, they’ll
contribute a series of awkward hip thrusts towards their woman’s
rear end that looks as if they are stabbing their woman in the ass with
their dick.

This scene is very different from the vibrant energy and fluid
pulsation I observed oozing from the bodies of my parents,
aunts and uncles, at their sweaty, orgasmic celebrations.

What is the difference between two cultures, that allows one group
to express such fluid and beautiful elation though the vibration of
their bodies… and another, to become so tightly wound that to
dance requires the same effort as fixing a flat tire?

One culture, the one I live in, is focused on building intelligence in
the head.

While the other trusts and ALLOWS the intelligence of the body to
carry them.

In the United States and most “civilized” cultures there is a split
between the brain in the head and the brain in the body.

We have become so detached from our bodies that many scoff at the
idea that there is even a “brain” in it.

Most people point to their head when asked where their brain is, but
never consider that over 90% of the activities that they are currently
engaged, is being carried through by their subconscious mind.

The subconscious is the master of our Autonomic Nervous System.

This is the branch of the Peripheral Nervous System that is responsible
for doing all of the things that we don’t think about.

Things like the beating of your heart, the moving of feces though
your colon, and your sympathetic response to stress is governed by the

According to many experts, as well a ancient martial arts tradition, the
seat of the subconscious mind lies within the body itself (which is evident
by it’s control of the body via the ANS).

Just like we point to the brain to symbolize “brain thinking”, pointing to
the heart or belly would symbolize “body thinking”.

In a way we all know this is true… if you ask someone to point to where
their “self” is, they will most likely point to their chest or belly.

When you were a child you allowed full control of your body to the
ANS. When you took your first “suckle” of milk from your mothers
breast, it was the intelligence of your subconscious via the ANS that
“told you” how to suckle.

When you had to poop, the sphincters of your anus would simply
open and poop came out.

Then as you grew older, and with the help of your parents, you began
to develop your ego, which is governed by the “conscious mind”.

This was good because it gave you the ability to delay feeding until
a more appropriate time (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and control the
muscles of your anus to poop when and where it was appropriate.

But it didn’t stop there! The chasm between the intelligence of your
body and the ego control of the head-brain continued to grow… until
began to seem like two separate entities.

(I’ve got some theories about WHY we’ve been conditioned in this way, but
I’ll leave that rant for another day!)

Now many of us have become so far removed from the brilliance of
our bodies that we can’t even dance!

What should be a normal bodily expression of grace and sexuality, governed
by the ever-amazing subconscious mind, requires a considerable conscious
effort from the head-brain.

Our bodies have become so rigid with ego control and constraints
that e-motions such as sadness and joy, which would would normally
evoke sobbing or laughter, aren’t even available to us.

What a sad state of affairs when mankind has been so conditioned that
we literally and figuratively enjoy only a shallow dose of  laughter, dance
or joy in our lives!

The answer is to LET GO.

Learning how to break the physical shackles of chronic muscular
tension, from our assholes to our eyebrows, will allow the room needed
in our vessel for the expression of the vitality trapped inside all of us.

Here is your challenge for the next few days….


I don’t mean go get drunk and engage in that dick stabbing move or
the awkward butt shaking I mentioned before.

I mean turn on some soca or reggae music (or whatever)… then sway,
twist, wave and feel your body.

Shake out all of the tension trapped in your ass, your belly, your shoulders,
your neck, your legs, your arms and your face… let is all go loose!

Rub your hands all over your body like you’re making love to yourself; massage
your face, your belly and even your sex organs if the desire arises.

At first this may feel weird, but what is weird about bringing awareness
and love to the parts of you that beat, digest, pulsate and vibrate to
keep you alive and sensitive… without your thinking about it?!?!

Let go.

And dance.

** If you’re feeling brave, record yourself dancing and if you want to share it
with us, post the video below (no pressure).

Also, you might write about it in a journal and if you want to share that with us
also, post it below (no pressure) **

With Love and Strength,
Elliott Hulse

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