Our Only Hope!

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(unedited rant)

I don’t know if things have always been this way… but it seems to me that NOW more than ever people have been talking about the DOOM and GLOOM of our future.  Not only here in America, with our over-extended empire building efforts and collapsing currency, but worldwide.

It if isn’t about the wars and economy, its about the “2012 Dooms Day” or how sick, sad and stupid we are all becoming because of the devitalized foods and drugs we are all ingesting.

So, what the hell do we do?

Personally I have invested way too much time in reading articles and watching videos that do nothing but make me more upset about the world we are creating for our children.  And make no bones about it… things will only get worse before they get better.

I don’t say that to be pessimistic.

I say it to be realistic.

It’s the way that nature works.  You have to breakdown before you build up.  This the case with building muscle or making an omelette… just as it is with the evolution of humankind on this planet.

We’ll have a period of darkness for sure… but I am just as optimistic about the period of light that will follow, as I am that morning will always follow nighttime.

When the sun goes down at night it doesn’t totally disappear.  Although we can not see it, it’s still lurking right around the corner waiting for its next opportunity to rise.

That is exactly how things will evolve with humankind on Earth.

Although we are obviously entering a time of “darkness” and challenge, the Sun will continue to shine… right around the corner.

In this analogy I use “darkness” to represent all of the immature paradigms that no longer serve humankind in our evolution.  It is these paradigms that causes us to cling to the Fascist regimes of our patriarchal hierarchy and keep us all imprisoned by their greed and our ignorance.

I won’t divulge what I believe to be the foundation principles of these paradigms, but it is clear that they are failing.

I use “light” or the rising of the sun as an analogy for what I see as the foundation principle for the new paradigm that will usher humankind into a new and exciting time in our evolution.

This principle is FREEDOM!

Personal freedom or liberty is at the heart of all that is LOVE.

Love doesn’t seek to control, nor does it want to be controlled.  Love is free!

The type of freedom that I am talking about here has nothing to do with politics or any government policy.  That type of freedom gives strength to the oppressor in the form of opposition.  “That which you resist, persists.”

Instead of “freedom from ____.”  I am talking about freedom to_____.

Freedom to become The Strongest Version Of Yourself!

In order to remain strong, The Dark Side (any person, institution or IDEA that hinders our ability to grow stronger) has to keep YOU weak.

You and I have been taught, from a very early age, that we are to SHUT UP and GET IN LINE.

Any behavior that may have been creative or individualistic was quickly squashed in order to train you in the way of “society”.  That is how this patriarchal system works,  you are always under the foot of someone higher up on the food chain that you.

And in your rejection of this attack on your uniqueness you either tuck your tail under, shut up and stand in line…. or you become a rebel.  And most rebels don’t make it in our system, they either go crazy or end up in jail.

But times are changing and rebels have now have a voice.  And because of the internet more and more people are being exposed to the lies and tyranny of our mental oppressors and are choosing to rebel.

The problem with most of their rebellion is that it is in reaction to the oppression.  When you first discover that you are being imprisoned, the immediate reaction is to try and fight the oppressor.  You’ll be fighting for “freedom from.

Then one day you discover that you are fighting against yourself!

As an adult, well trained in the way of society, you are no longer able to act in the creative and individualistic way that you did as a very young child.  You have been conditioned so well that you are usually not even making your own decisions.  You are behaving and THINKING the way you have been taught to.

Your parents force fed you their neurosis, that they adopted from their parents, their religion, their teachers, their friends, their government and the television set.

To think that you actually have “free will” is an illusion!

Everything you say and think has the neurotic stamp of society on it.  In fact, even the way you LOOK has been deformed by society.  Your fate is sealed!

No matter how much you hate the ugliness you see around you, there is no escape.  Especially since the ugliness is in YOU!

That is why I am not interested in changing the world.

The world is just the way it should be.

It is an expression of the “collective unconscious”.  Basically, we’ve all collaborated to bring us into the age that we now occupy.  There are many things that are MAGICAL about this age, and there are things that need to be destroyed.

But each advance towards the light, and every step away from darkness, takes place not in society as a whole… but within each person, one-by-one.

That is why Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself is the most important and unselfish thing that you can do.

If you want to change the world, begin with yourself FIRST.

This is no easy task and we will never be perfect… but I have created a system that may keep the sunlight shining in the background as we move towards a time of darkness.

My system is not perfect.  But it is a simple system that we can all personally use to become stronger.

I call it STRENGTHOLOGY, and it all revolves around The 4 Layers Of Strength.

When you work on developing your Physical Strength, Physiological Strength, Psychosomatic Strength and Presentable Strength…. You will be happier, healthier and more able to share your love with others.  In this way you’ll invite them to become stronger and they will join our mission.

To help you achieve that I have created this blog for sharing ideas, I will be creating more books and videos for you AND I have created the STRENGTHOLOGY Certification Workshop for you to work face-to-face with me and the others who are committed to our vision of strength.

We have another workshop coming soon and I’d be honored to meet you there.

Here are the details: http://strengthology.net/strengthology-coach-level-1/

In the meantime I would like to leave you with some additional resources for you to begin your journey.  CLICK THIS LINK to see my recommended reading list… I will be updating it again soon, so get started as soon as possible.

Darkness is inevitable.  It’s the way of nature.  There could be no daytime if the contrast of night did not exist.

We can say that this is bad or good, but it really doesn’t matter.  The fact is, that it just IS.

Together we are NOT fighting against the darkness of our time, that would be madness!

Instead we are working towards becoming the strongest version of ourselves in order to keep the light shining in the background.

Each one of us are considered tiny little photons that group together and create magnificent radiance.

Together we grow stronger, and together we’ll pass on the light!

With Strength and Love,

Elliott Hulse



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Jonesy April 11, 2012

In life there will be highs and lows, how you handle each situation good or bad will make your life better. The battle starts with yourself 100%. Ive been on this for a while and when you realize this all the secondary bullshit slides to the side.

Srdjan-Bloom to Fit April 11, 2012

Elliott, this is a great post. The more I read, study and absorb information (both from yourself and from other reliable sources), the more I see how much truth there is to all of it and how many lies we’re being fed from mainstream sources.

I’m constantly striving to become the strongest version of myself in order to keep that sun lurking around the corner. It’s important for me to keep that light shining in the background. Because the stronger I grow, the better chance I have of inspiring people to do the same.

kevin sheerin April 11, 2012

Elliott. This is a sensational read and certainly shows how deeply ingrained your belief system is. I have 6-7 times tried to put into words how good a read that was and have constantly restarted. Quite simply this statement is the best I can do. I genuinely can not put into words how great a read this was, no bs, I don’t have the skills to put it in text how that impacted me.


Kevin sheerin

Strengthology 101 CERTIFIED!!

Dave April 11, 2012

There is no freedom other than personal freedom. It can’t be be given or taken away. It’s yours whether you want it or not; whether you use it or not. Strengthology shines a light on how you can use your personal freedom to create a brighter life despite whatever external darkness may or may not come.

Kudos, Elliott. Another dead on post.

Can’t wait for 201.

Tommy April 12, 2012

Awesome! Im Working 2 jobs saving my money for strengthology I WILL see you in june my friend!

Alex April 13, 2012

Wonderfull article..
Whenever an empire falls another one rises.. finally. Theres no doom, there’s the fall of the american empire (americans tend to see the world as themselves and know very litlle about the rest, they were taught to..) at the same time that theres growth in India and China for example, where 2,5 billion people have been starving for centuries.. maybe now it is their time..
Our western society has been living in “paradise” for a long time, while others were living in “Hell”, i think this is finally the time to level things up, altough off course it can be hard for the most of people to get used to it..

Lori April 14, 2012

Beautiful post. Thank you, Elliott.

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