Let me help you build your non-job

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Hey Non-Jobbers!

First, I want you to know how proud I am of you and whatever
efforts you have taken towards building your Non-Job.

I realize that you might not be where you want to be just yet.
You might still be working on the first rung of the “Non-Job
Ladder”, or…

…you might not even know what you want your Non-Job to be
just yet. But you have begun thinking about it and you are
considering how you might do this.

Awareness and thinking are the seeds to all human creativity.
You are setting into motion all of the energies that will converge
to guide you towards your success.

You might not see it yet, but big things are happening though you.
The only thing you need to remember is… Stay out of the way!

That means… don’t get too frustrated and quit, or take some
ungrounded and hysterical which throws you off course.

Keep your mind on your star and you feet firmly on the

Anyway, the point of this e mail is not just to pump you up with
feel-good language… it is the stir you into action.

In my journey of growing my Non-Job I have invested tens of
thousands of dollars to “get close to” mentors in the field of
business and marketing. I did this because I knew that by
sitting with a man who IS where I would like to be would elevate
my game.

This is always true, no matter the journey.

When you sit with “the master” he imparts his wisdom in a way
that you could never get though written or distant communication.

If you think I’m full of shit, then just consider Teiko Reindorf (the
guy that spent 30 day with me learning about Non-Jobs).

He showed up at my gym with $0 from his over 5 years of efforts in
building a Non-Job. In the first 2 weeks by my side he earned $300!

He could NOT have gotten results like that just by watching my
videos or reading books. Because if he could, he already would!

I was able to sit with him, look at what he was doing and offer
immediate, actionable things for him to do – and THIS is why he
earned more in 14 day with me, then in 5 years of study alone.

So… here is my invitation to you.

I want to help you build you Non-Job. I want to SEE YOU face to
face so that I might get a sense of who you are, what you are doing
and where I can best steer your efforts.

AND I am not going to charge $5,000, like I invested, in my first
internet marketing workshop.

In fact, I am not even going to charge you 1/5 of that ($1,000).

All you need to invest is a measly $75, which basically covers the
event location costs and presentation equipment I will use to help

Why am I not charging the $5,000 that this workshop would be

Because I want you to succeed FIRST. I want YOU to earn some
money before I ask you to invest in me.

I want YOU to see just how possible it is to build a Non-Job that
can potentially earn you an extra $100, $1,000 or $10,000 per

But lets start with getting you the first $1. That way you can see
that this shit actually works…. fair?

I’ve got to go now, but all the information about how to join me for
this live Non-Jobs Meet-Up is at the website below.


To the Non-Job Revolution,
Elliott Hulse

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