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I once learned that in order to be an innovator… a person
who creates new and remarkable work, you must FIRST
be an imitator.

“Imitate then innovate”

And it is VERY important to be an innovator if you’re
gonna get any attention on the internet.

There are millions of so-called experts regurgitating
the same copy-cat information for their entire careers.

(if their careers even last)

That’s why YOU have to seek out as many DIVERSE
ideas and experts in areas not in your immediate field
to imitate, then bring the new stuff home and innovate
for your readers to enjoy and benefit from.

For example… the Elliott Hulse that you know is a
conglomerate of several other experts whom I have
studied in order to create my “remarkable” brand

I’ve learned from my uncle Elroy, Jon DiFlorio, Vincent
Sulliven, Paul Chek, Emerson, OSHO, Alan Watts, Dan
Kalish, Robert Glazer and Alexander Lowen.

I’ve taken the ideas I’ve learned from this diverse cast
of experts and have created my own unique brand of

This is what you need to do before looking to create
products, write books and make a splash in your market.

You need to become worth “remarking” about, or

Who’s books do you read that are NOT directly related
to your field?

Expose yourself to new ideas, combine them to make it
a unique expression of YOUR OWN… and go out and
share it with people.

They might not always “get” what you are saying, but
they can’t call you boring, un-original or unremarkable.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Huls

PS - In a few months I’ll be holding a small workshop for people who
have a powerful message that they would like to share with others.

I call it “The 4th Layer Business” workshop because I fulfills the 4th
Layer in my STRENGTHOLOGY model for becoming the strongest
version of ourselves.

This layer is called “Presentable Strength” and it is all about
presenting the world with our gifts… and earning a living while doing

You can learn more about it here:

Looking forward to meeting you there! e


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Benjamin Teal June 6, 2012


Nice post, and a philosophy I’m adhering to. Now if I can imitate some of those beastly feats of strength, I’d be perfect!

Just clicked over to learn about 4th Layer, and planning on coming down your way for another go at Tough Mudder later in the year – I’ll catch you at one or the other (or both!).

Keep pounding, my friend!


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