Fly On The Wall: Strengthology Coach Level 1 (March 2012) PART 1

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If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be a “fly on the wall” at my gym, Strength Camp, then you might enjoy this post.

Of course, every single day is different… but what you’ll find below are snapshots and descriptions from one of the most action packed days at the gym.  The STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1 Certification workshop.

First of all, you’ll notice that in the majority of these pictures that we are half naked.  If you get excited at the sight of our manly bare chests… great! But we didn’t strip for your entertainment.

The reason why we all have our shirts off (and ladies would wear a sports bra) is because it’s critical to SEE your clients body while making an assessment of the type of unique Muscle Viruses they may have.

In this image you’ll notice me offering some insights about how to complete the Muscle Virus assessment sheet to our youngest STRENGTHOLOGY Coach, 19 year old Taylor Locke from Maine.  Taylor was an incredible guest and he is on his way to becoming one of the best fitness coaches in his community.

Taylor is a young dude who “gets it”. Unlike many of his peers, Taylor understands the type of focus and commitment required to become a successful coach.

Two things that Taylor shared with me that impressed me most are…

First, Taylor first discovered me and my training methods by using my Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded system to lose over 100 pounds in less than a year! (that is a lifetime achievement in itself).

Secondly, Taylor worked full time at McDonald’s in order to save up enough money to register and travel down to Florida in order to take The STRENGTHOLOGY Certification!  And he tells me that it was MORE than worth the sacrifice, in fact he is ready to come back down to work with me again!

In this image you’ll notice Chris Barnard behind the plum line as I share some insights about Chris’s Muscle Viruses.

Chris and I have a long history together.  First, Chris is an ex-client of mine.  About three years ago he came to Strength Camp in order to gain mass, strength and speed to play college football.  Chris was by far one of the most dedicated and talented athletes I’ve ever worked with (you might search some of my old YouTube videos to see him working out with me back then).

Once Chris graduated college, where he studied Exercise Science, he came to work at Strength Camp where now HE trains the majority of aspiring, young football players who train here.

As a multi-talented phenomenon, Chris is head coach at Strength Camp, my personal assistant (if you ever e mail me, it’s usually Chris who writes you back)… and is officially a STRENGTHOLOGY Certified Level 1 Coach who uses all of the assessments we learned in order to support other young athletes looking to make it big!

If you’ve been reading my e mails or following my videos for some time you’re well aware of my tendency towards tangential rants.  I tend to steer off course with my conversation as I get hooked on one particular statement or idea.  In person, I am no different. 

As we were on the topic of Muscle Viruses, the idea of “psychosomatic strength” came up.  The idea that each person physically carries their psychological character structure in their bodies, in the form of muscular tension, was first introduced to me though the work of Wilhelm Reich.

In this picture you’ll see me holding a book from my resource library that offers pictures and descriptions of what each of the most common “character structures” look like.

Directly across from me is new Level 1 Coach, Alex Villegas.  Alex possesses a very expansive and creative imagination that allows him to be open to new ideas and methods for helping his clients (he and I are very much alike in that way).  Not all students are as interested in learning about the deeper physiological and psychological roots of weakness and dysfunction as Alex is (and that’s okay).

I am excited to have Alex as a part of The STRENGTHOLOGY Movement and look forward to sharing working with him through the deeper layers of STRENGTHOLOGY.

At the end of Day 2 we had each learned about what Muscle Viruses plaque each participant and used that information to design corrective stretching and exercise plans for each person.

This part of the workshop is where we get to see the new information be put to practical use.  It begins with the stretching session but usually ends with everyone flipping tires, loading stones or pressing kegs!

In this picture you’ll notice my long time friend and new Level 1 Coach, Steve Ashton.  Steve and I met at the same Strongman Training workshop held by one of my mentors Tom Mitchell about 4 years ago.  At the time Steve had just opened his CrossFit Gym and I opened Strength Camp.  Both of our businesses have grow since then and I am proud to have him join us in the STRENGTHOLOGY Movement.

Steve’s extensive background and history in the fitness industry has graced him with a myriad of methods to use at his disposal.  Here he teaches Alex how to increase thoracic extension with the use of a few Yoga postures he uses with his clients.

STRENGTHOLOGY is less about what Elliott Hulse thinks is right and good, and more about bringing together ideas to support each other, and our clients, to become The Strongest Version Of Ourselves.

I am the first to admit where my vision was shortsighted or where I acted out of ignorance… I am far from perfect, but have no problem sharing what I think is helpful.  That is why I am committed to offering these workshops on multiple levels and empowering graduates to offer their insights as to how we can make the movement stronger.

In the near future STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches will be teaching these workshops to other aspiring professionals, as well as offering axillary workshops that provide more unique insights and methods for becoming “Stronger”.

If you’re committed to becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself, you are already a part of the movement.

And if you’re ready to accelerate your results and support others to join the same journey… then I invite you to join us for the next workshop in June.

Here are the details:

I have a few more pictures to share with you… see ya tomorrow :)

With Love & Strength,


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Sirena March 30, 2012

Hi Elliot,

Your certification looks great, and cool to see you help so many young aspiring trainers. Any chance you’d ever put together just a course with all your “crazy” ideas from your readings of Reich, Lowen, et al? I don’t care to move heavy things, but like all the other ideas you talk about :)

Best to you!


Elliott March 30, 2012

Yep! That is what Level 3 is all about… Psychosomatic Strength. I’ll be putting together a home study course about this first also. Thanks!

Sirena March 30, 2012

Great! Count me in :)

Srdjan March 30, 2012

This is absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to one day making the trip down south and learning with the best. Thanks for sharing Elliott.

P.S. When is level 2 coming out??

Elliott March 30, 2012

I’m working on it now… perhaps by early winter.

Adam March 30, 2012

This is awesome, I can’t wait to make the trip ASAP

Artur Monteiro March 30, 2012

If Brazil weren’t so far from St.Petersburg, FL, I, without any doubt, subscribe to Strenghtology Level 1. Elliot’s way of thinking is what I’ve been looking since I got interested for sports, that was in 2005 and I was 14. I’m saving money to travel to US next year and it will certainly be around the begining of the 2nd semester. There is no way I won’t visit Strengh Camp.

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