Fly On The Wall: Strengthology Coach Level 1 (March 2012) PART 2

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This post is the follow up to the first “Fly On The Wall” post featuring scenes from the March 2012 STRENGTHOLOGY Coach Certification.

To be honest, there are two reasons why I think these “fly on the wall” posts are so important.

1. Because I am SUPER proud of every single coach, trainer and “strength geek” who invests their time and resources into this workshop.  Words can not describe how grateful I am to be able to work with these extraordinary folks, and I look forward to offering updates on their success.

2. To motivate YOU!  If you happen to be sitting on the fence; still not sure if my STRENGTHOLOGY Coach Certification is right for you then I hope these stories will help you make a decision.

These folks are JUST LIKE YOU, and if they can do it — so can you!  (The next workshop is coming soon, you can join us here.)

Here is a picture of veteran strength coach Zach Marcy coaching Taylor (who you met last week) on how to properly foam roll his lower leg.  Through his assessment, Zach discovered that Taylor suffered from “flat feet” due to over pronation.

This type of Muscle Virus is often the root cause of medial rotation of the femur, which may lead to knee pain (or a ton of other orthopedic problems).

When designing the corrective stretching protocol for Taylor, Zach decided it would be very important for him to foam roll the muscles on the outside of his lower leg.

Zach has been a trainer for several years and is also the co-owner of a gym in Miami where he mostly trains athletes.  It was refreshing to have such an experienced and motivated coach as Zach with us during the workshop.

If I had to award “Top Student” it would be given to the man pictured above.  Like myself, Dave Hall is a voracious reader, writer, coach, therapist and has an insatiable appetite for knowledge!

In this picture you’ll notice Dave taking notes as one of the other student presents his program design case study at the front of the classroom.

A large part of the STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1 Workshop is the exchange of ideas between coaches.  Especially amongst those who have been training for a while.  Dave offered tons of insight during the workshop, and yet he takes notes when others are speaking (the hallmark of a successful man!)

Dave is totally committed to the first part of the STRENGTHOLOGY Mission, “to FIRST become the strongest version of ourselves.”  He is constantly working on himself so that he has more to offer to his clients, friends and family.

Check out Dave’s extensive (4 part) review of his experience at out workshop on his blog.

When I set the dates for the first workshop lots of my friends were baffled by the fact that I held it on St. Patrick’s Day.  They thought that attendance would be low due to the holiday.

Well, imagine leaving Ireland ON St. Patrick’s Day weekend to attend at workshop in St. Petersburg Florida! — That is exactly what Kevin Sheerin did.

Besides the fact that he left Ireland, on what is possibly their biggest holiday, Kevin is not even a coach (yet).  His main reasons for coming to the workshop are to work on himself first, and then help some of his friends who want to become the strongest version of themselves.

If I had to award “Most Interesting Student”… Kevin would be it.  He not only has a strong interest in becoming physically stronger… he seems to have firm understanding of topics as various as human nature and politics.

In this picture you see Kevin doing a “Thomas Test” assessment on Dave Hall.  This test is designed to discover tightness on the hip flexors and quads… it can also double as a stretch for each of those muscles as well (its a VERY painful stretch, if you’re found to be tight there).

Finally, there is the student that you see above (me).  He’s listening intently to the suggested training protocols designed by Chis Barnard (the taller dude)… who also happens to be the head coach at the gym!

I am the first to admit that I don’t know everything; and I make a concerted effort to consider the ideas of ANYONE who wants to offer their insight.

That is how I created the STRENGTHOLOGY Certification, and it is how I intend to carry forth our mission.

Nothing that I will teach you is brand new. Although much of it is based on my personal experiences and education.

Most of what you will learn from me, I learned from someone else.

And when you and I meet each other, the amount of impact we share is mutual.

I seek to learn from you, just as you learn from me.

Together we become STRONGER.

And as students on the same mission, we’ll work on the mutual goal of helping others become the strongest version of themselves!

Looking forward to meeting you at our next workshop!

 With Strength & Love,

Elliott Hulse

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kevin April 5, 2012

It is not often that someone who has no idea (until rescently) who you are can have such a vitally important impact upon your life. Elliott Hulse has been one of those people to me and many others via the internet. The blend of energy, strength, charm and engaging idea’s that Elliott brings to his you tube video’s is what drew me to him initially and what made the strengthology experience an ABSOLUTE MUST for me. To have met the man and been given the guidance at strength camp that i was has been the experience of a lifetime, for me and all of my fellow students and freinds. I can not recomend getting involved in the experiece and taking the leap of faith that is needed to go to the live seminar. For anyone who is on the fence IT WILL BE WORTH IT. Down below are some of Elliott’s reflections on the experience! I can’t wait to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!

kevin sheerin April 5, 2012

Kevin Sheerin!

Chad April 6, 2012

Man, I really wish I had the money for this workshop… :(

Derk Love October 2, 2012

Yo I resonate with what you were saying on I Grew up in a strict household where children did not have a voice and my father was the Alpha man strong as an ox and fight anybody in a minute. My brother that spoke his mind was strong now I remember being strong as a little kid but my teenage years I felt like a weakling and always wondered why I was not as strong as my dad or brother.So repressing everything caused me to be weak? And it seemed strange because I am built like my dad and my bro who was strong was not.

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