Dropping The Axe

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As promised “the gloves are coming off” and I’m coming out swinging!

Lets go.

From time to time I will be DROPPING THE AXE with some of the ideas I offer.

My objective is not to alienate, ostracize, demonize or proselytize.

It’s simply to share an idea on a topic that is often divisive.

In this way, the idea I share may “bring the axe” to separate those who are truly offended, from those who are intrigued, from those who are fully enrolled in the entertainment of the idea.

To those who are offended: I invite you to explore your feelings.  Notice what happens in your body when you read or hear things that stir emotion.

For example, I’ve noticed that in the instant that I am being verbally attacked (either written or spoken) my body’s initial reaction is to tighten or pull up my anus while causing my breath to become shallow.

In this way you may become more aware of your subconscious conditioning.

Our very initial reaction to ideas, words or events that press against our conditioning often cause our bodies to “replay” the trauma that embedded the conditioning.  The dissonance between our conditioning and the imposing idea will first cause physical discomfort.

For me, I experience the physical manifestation of FEAR as a response to the dissonance.  In fear we tend to stop breathing.  It has been suggested that as primal man we needed to hold our breath as to not be heard when a predator was near.  I’m really not sure if that is true… but it’s an interesting idea.

Also the tightening of my anus may represent one of two things… First, it may be the human expression of the animal-like reaction to “tuck the tail between the legs” in fear.

It may also be, as Sigmund Freud suggested, the remnant of suppressed memories from one of the first, most traumatic, experiences in a child’s life — potty training!  According to Freud there is much sensitivity and emotional dysfunction surrounding the muscular control of the anus in “civilized” cultures.

The point is to remain detached.  Feel your feelings – then watch what happens! 

The worst thing to do is react.

In reaction we bypass rational, objective thinking and attack straight from our most base emotions… like fear, anger, jealousy, etc.

But, if the pain becomes to much to handle… I won’t be offended if you choose to leave.

To those who are intrigued: I invite you to look away, then look again.

In my experience the greatest awareness and most precious forms of creativity come from the blending of seemingly opposite ideas.

I once read that genius is the ability to see how everything, no matter how contradictory, is connected.

When you can see how hate is inextricably linked to love.

When you can see how good can not exist without evil.

When you can see how science and spirituality are both saying the same thing, with different languages.

When you sense the winter season in your life, yet understand that it too will pass and spring with burst forth in all of its glory and pleasure, just as it does in nature…


But the only way to earn this type of sensitivity is to openly explore opposing ideas.

If what I say here speaks to you, then accept the good feelings and move away.

Move to another place where the words I speak are challenged.

Then come back and re-read my words from a newer, more experienced perspective.

To those who are fully enrolled: Do not believe anything I say.

I invite  you to become sensitive, a thinker.

Someone who believes has no reason to experience.

What they believe is not their own.  It belongs to the person, religion, political party, cult, family that gave it him.

I invite you to EXPERIENCE.

All real knowledge comes from experience.

To know is to experience.

To believe is to have faith.

There is no need to have faith in any of my ideas, even if you like them.

What is needed is experience.

If you meet an idea that speaks to your heart… try it.

Wrestle with it.

Question it.

Make love to it.

Eat it.

Digest it.

Let it pass though the digestive tract of your mind, extracting all of what is good for YOU, RIGHT NOW.

Let it become a part of who you are; your DNA.

In this way you will have experienced these ideas instead of merely believing in them.

And in your experience you might find that I am full of shit.  You may discover that what I am saying is nonsense.

But it will be YOUR choice.

You will be acting from a place of freedom and responsibility.

Only through freedom and personal responsibility can we become our strongest selves.

With Strength & Love,


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Gabe March 7, 2012

Elliott, these thoughts are what set you apart from 99% of the other strength coaches out there. Keep sharing, the new blog is a great thing.

Elliott March 9, 2012

Thanks Gabe!

Eric March 7, 2012

Nice post brother!

Elliott March 9, 2012

Thanks Eric!

Keith Anderson March 7, 2012

I generally don’t have a flight response. Everything when I feel attacked is a fight response. One thing I have noticed in the past is that feeling trapped results in aggressive sometimes violent reaction from me. When someone pursues an argument after I try and walk away, being physically cornered, having more than one person confront me, being in a position such as an insubordinate where to respond in the manner I would like threatens my livelihood, all create the same response. Your comment about observing the natural reaction resonates with me because it is precisely that observation that has allowed me to recognize this reaction to being trapped and maneuver myself to avoid getting trapped. It’s increased my ability to see more of the chess board and more moves ahead, so to speak. So preach on brother and I can’t wait to see what comes from this new avenue for you.

Elliott March 9, 2012


Dylan March 10, 2012

This is why I am convinced you are the best.
You practice what you preach and you cover every base.
You are the best coach of any sought I have ever come across and you are also the most knowledgeable person I have ever seen!

Please never stop teaching. Its what you were put on this earth to do.

Welner March 7, 2012

Awesome. The hold your breath thing was new to me as well as the anus thing. Keep’em coming Elliott!

With Strength and Love,

Elliott March 9, 2012

Thanks Welner… there are many more interesting ideas to come :)

Matt jkhkbk(or something like that) March 7, 2012

It’s interesting to note that a lot of this stuff many already innately now and we even have sayings for the stuff… “You’re so anal” “What a tight ass”

LMAFO!!! It’s really hilarious when we begin to see how obvious this stuff is. It’s so close to our face that we generally don’t even see it!!!


Elliott March 8, 2012

DOPE song Matt.. I’m sharing this, thanks :)

Ethan Wood March 7, 2012

Elliott you are a great man. I truly appreciate being able to gain knowledge from a man who has the balls to tell how it really is.

Elliott March 9, 2012

Thanks Ethan.

Ronald March 8, 2012

Most of what you have written I already do Elliot. I would like to thank you for putting it in words for me and explaining it on such a thought out level.

Elliott March 9, 2012

Thanks Ronald.

matt March 9, 2012

You and coach burgener are always the only ones I look to for answers. Keep the off the wall ness coming because its helping me and people I train with, a great deal.

Dejan March 9, 2012

Elliot,you are great role model.I’m lucky to found you. Keep going! ;)

Jack March 9, 2012


I enjoyed reading this. I find you are a man of conviction, who walks the walk. That, more than your epic strength and conditioning videos, is what brings me back to your sage and at times outrageously funny advice and commentary.

Jody Schools March 9, 2012

Elliott, I was shot in the knee 2 weeks ago by a friend having an episode of ptsd.
i,m 52 yrs old and was in great shape before the incident. I have been following you on you tube and have been learning some conditioning techniques from you. I now more than ever are in need of inspiration. Your timing for your new channel could not have been better! My way of paying it back is to help some veterans. It’ s good to see there’s people like you around that also believe in paying it back. I salute you Elliott Hulse!
Your Friend in Strength,
Jody Schools

EricV March 9, 2012

Sometimes, others help you open your eyes and inspire you to reach new levels in your life, better yourself and grow. You, sir, have been an inspiration to me. I do hope you keep going for a long time!

Thank you, Elliott.

Mike Vela March 9, 2012

Elliott I’m not sure if you’ve talked about this before, but what do you think about this, your reality is the manifestation of your mind, while your body is the manifestation of your will, but your will does not only include resistance to pain or endurance to life but the ability to let go, your will lets stress go away, like you mentioned with the bucket if we overload with stress it manifests through our body and performance, and i think most people including myself don’t realize the stress we are on due to work and everything else we forget to open the valve and let the steam out so the machine can keep on manifesting pure, get me? or am I a lil nuts?

Chris March 9, 2012

Hey Elliot, Great approach, and I believe that this is the more exciting aspect of “development”… anybody can push weight around and move the body, but above and beyond that stuff… the spiritual, mental, and the “going back” aspects, the simplifying aspects that have nothing to do with showing how much of a “beast” (whatever that means) you are, or that have nothing to do with marketing, and fitting in with the modern day… this is the REAL warrior stuff.


Cameron Day March 9, 2012

Yo, Elliott! I’m fully on board with your new channel and exploration of “out of the box” ideas. Crush the box!

I tell people all the time that “There is SO MUCH MORE TO YOU than the identity that you have formed in this lifetime. You just need to desire to tap into that extended self and work towards it every day, and you will see your life in a whole new light.”

One of the reasons I like you so much is that you are living, moving proof that the daily drive to become the strongest (most expanded) version of yourself will not only sustain you, it will transform you.


p.s. You like brainwave entrainment, right? Cool. Check out my site.

john March 10, 2012

looking forward to your new channel

Dianna March 10, 2012

Elliott, Thank you for sharing your Knowledge with all the world……I have learned a lot from you thus far……you are a man that practices what he preaches…..and you talk about subjects in depth .. and also in a language that is simply (exact and to the point) I am def. on the same page……and I believe it is about the MIND and BODY coming together in harmony in order to be productive on this journey….to accomplish all things that may seem impossible …..but in fact are in our reach, with you as our guide we can all make it happen…..awareness is key….Thanx again …looking forward to all yo have to offer…love it…

nikos March 10, 2012

Hi Elliott

I am on the LH Reloaded over 8months now and I am working on a vid demonstrating some exercises such as clean & press, deadlidts, squats and bench press. Would be so good as to assess me?
I consider you my mentor and if I come to the States I’ll pay you a visit and shake your hand.

God Bless you,

Colin March 11, 2012

Amen brother.

Steve Mc March 12, 2012

I’ve been following for u a grip now, I respect the fact that u promote live by your own belief & not what u or the next man preach. Much respect homie

Eric J March 14, 2012

True stuff. I found I had been holding my breath too a while back.

Rich Moroni March 14, 2012

I’m in! Great idea!

Marcia McCants March 23, 2012


Jas March 26, 2012

Its cool to see how you blend strength training with the mental and spiritual aspects of life as one whole rather than individual parts. I appreciate how you focus on an improvement in every area instead of sticking to just strength training like other strength coaches which is why i always love to watch your videos. I’m excited to see some of the ideas you going to present on strengthology.

LOUISE PARKIN June 5, 2012

All of this is sooo AWESOME Elliott. It’s what all the last few years have been about…reaching this place. I feel completely blessed to ‘know’ you. THANK YOU.

Maxwell Santre September 27, 2012

I love this.

Ray October 11, 2012

Elliot, you are truly an enlightened man,thank you for this information i have grown and learned much from your videos

Scottnoclue November 5, 2012

Well said. You hit it on the nose with a hammer. I like you approach to things. Keep it up!

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