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A lot of people are going to feel uncomfortable about the things I am about to share with you.

You might even want to argue with me and say that I am not being realistic.

Perhaps you are right, but all that anyone of us really KNOWS is what we’ve experienced.  You can read all the books in the world; attend all the colleges in the world; and study with the greatest masters of all time…

…but still, all of your so-called knowledge will simply be BORROWED.

You only come to TRULY know something when you have personally experienced it.

Life is dynamic, and as history shows us time and again… things change, rules are broken and the world continues to evolve.

To EXPERIENCE is to know first hand, what is real and possible NOW.

And it has been my personal experience that if you live to do what you love FIRST... you will enjoy a creative and meaningful life. 

Watch this very important video, by Alan Watts (a man whose words have shaped my thinking for almost 20 years).

If you like this video, I highly recommend this audio series.

For those of you who are angered and fearful about this message…. I invite you to let go of past conditioning and think creatively for just a moment.  See the world as wonderful,  as you did when you were 5 years old.

Just play with the idea for a moment, there is no harm in thinking.  Then ask yourself  “What is the worst that could happen if you chose to live a life for the love of creativity, as opposed to through the fear of lack and death?

As Alan Watts described, you are already miserable doing what you NEED to do to live, only to continue your miserable existence.

For those of you who are inspired by this message, I invite you to put yourself in a place to experience it first hand. — Just like I have.

You all probably know my story of quitting my job and starting my Warehouse Gym business with no money, no clients, no experience… with NOTHING except a young family to feed and $90K in debt.

I decided that I would choose to live by what I love (fitness and philosophy)… or simply perish.  For me this decision was DO or DIE.  I would not live a life doing anything less than fulfilling the love-seed that god placed in my heart.

And today this is exactly what I do… and I earn a great living,  even though dozens of people told me I was being selfish and irresponsible. (most of those people are miserable, so I chose not take their advice)

Not only do I earn a living by creating videos on fitness (Yo Elliott YouTube) , and videos on my personal life philosophies (Elliott Said What? YouTube)…

I also own a thriving strength training gym, and publish books and video products on fitness and philosophy.  (you can see most of them here)

The bottom line is this….

Do what you love, and you will love your life.

Money will come.

Don’t worry about safety and security… what is the point of being safe and miserable?

And I, Elliott Hulse, advise YOU and all young people in this world to do this, not because I read a book about it or because I was lucky….

I advise you to do this because I did it.

And it has been the best choice of my life.

I love you… and I want the same for you.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – I also have a newsletter dedicated to learning how to earn a living by doing what you love:

In a few weeks I will be sharing a new video program with you that I created about this also.  :)




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Kristina Petrakova October 11, 2012

Great post, Elliot. I loved it! I think the same!!! What the majority of us lacks, though, is courage…You had it, you did it! Congrats!

Gagan October 11, 2012

You me inspire me everyday Elliott. You Rock !! Thanks buddy :-)

Timothy October 11, 2012

Within this last week, I found your Warehouse Gym program and subscribed to the emails, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend some of what very limited funds I have on it. I have already sacrificed most of the money I had in pursuit of what I love doing (improving my health and others), but was hesitant to spend a few more dollars. Upon further thought, if I end up on the street because of the pursuit of what I love, what loss is that really?

Josh Graham October 11, 2012

Great post. i have been watching your videos for some time, wish i noticed your Facebook page and news letters sooner. My life took a drastic change 2-3 years ago, and i have been placed in a position similar to what you are now perspective wise, although i am only crawling, my hobbies have completely changed and constantly evolving, ( before i was into drugs, drinking, nothing positive tbh ), after several ‘rock bottoms’ my perspectives and motives have been like a roller coaster seeking a purpose to better myself but feeling like snail in the ocean, trapped behind fines of bars lead to obsessive researching into controversial subjects ( completely changed how i view the world, although i can say i already knew the lies deep down, i was prepared in a sense ) to meditation..thus lead to a spiritual awakening ( only way i can describe it – i got into meditation for several months, and something indescribable happened, then to lucid dreams ), i have been into reading, learning new topics, finding new qualities about myself, searching for new hobbies and interests, view all sides of any story ( 360 degrees as opposed to 33 degrees ) philosophy, same with my interests – forever evolving. Me 2-3 years ago would never think i would become the type of person i am now, i love helping others and although i always have done, i never was face to face with it previously though, and i can see this will play part in my life in the future. i see no point in division, although this is not how i used to think due to society’s conditioning.. or my weak mindedness in the past. Im sure many people have benefited from your videos and can relate to alot of your experiences. Great work, you must feel accomplished :)

Malcolm October 11, 2012

Hey from the UK!

I always find your videos fun, inspirational and most of all a great source of information.
Your take on life is great! Its great to know that there other people out there grabbing their life and giving it a makeover to suit what makes them TRULY happy.. so many people in the world doing mundane tasks because its what society expects of them.

Shaine October 11, 2012

Great article! I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what I love to do though. I mean I love music but I also love the outdoors etc. So how do you know what to focus on and what career to choose???

Jeremy October 11, 2012

This video has opened my eyes more. I’ve watched your videos for about 7 months now and share a lot of the same views you do.. The only thing is that I let other people guide and shape what I liked and disliked just because they are miserable. So now, after 26 years of being held back and told not to live life to the fullest, I’m moving across the USA, finished college and going to pursue the things I enjoy doing. No more letting other people judge how I feel and making me “feel bad” because I want to do something with my life. For 2 years I was strength training and losing fat, fully involved in reading, meditation, everything and I just stopped going because I felt that I was fighting harder against people telling me not to do it, or that I shouldn’t do it than I was the 510lb deadlift I got (pr). I suppose I should truly listen to your words and advice and really enjoy life.. because I’ve lived in fear and hate long enough.. I’d rather die in 2 years doing what I love than live unhappy and depressed like this for 50 years.

Peace Elliot.

Daniel Letourneau October 11, 2012

I continue to be inspired by your message. Truthfully, I have lived a life conditioned by what people may think of me. I had not thought it possible to love philosophy and fitness without people looking at me and judging. I simply cannot live a pointless life, I just can’t. It’s too painful to trudge away like a mindless drone in the pursuit of money. I don’t care about being rich or famous, I just want to lead a life where I make a difference in the lives of others in a meaningful way. Once I put it all together, I am going straight for it. Thank you Elliott.

SoCal Brian October 11, 2012

Elliott, you’re not crazy or going to convert people, just present information for them to make up their own minds! Everyone’s heard the old saying “if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work another day of your life!” Passion, interest and a real love for what you’re doing (for a living) will bring reward in due time most likely. I think people appreciate genuine people more than cheesy salesmen!

Peter Gerhard October 11, 2012

Elliot, Im 16 and I completely agree with you… Do what you love, and you will love life.

BTW, what do you think of these two quotes?

1) Work Hard, Party Harder
2) Its not about the size of the dog in the fight, its about the size of the fight in the dog.

P.S. Great Post, and I really enjoy/appreciate your mixture of life philosophy,fitness and strength training.

Jeff Rasmussen October 11, 2012

Thank you,

Great video, great story. I find it sad that so many people say “I cant do that, so you shouldn’t either!” Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your encouragement. Keep plowing forward with your thoughts, ideas, & messages.

-Jeff Rasmussen
All the way out in California

Steven Hufford October 11, 2012

Just simply awesome, thank you.

RJ October 11, 2012

Ah. A man of the mind as well as he body. A lot of muscle guys miss this, likewise with the mind guys.

Baris October 11, 2012

I love you too Elliott lol, no homo of course. But for real you have been a great mentor, and I have learned a lot from you. Because of you, I live the life I want to live! was made possible by people like you.

Thank you Elliott!

Nikos October 11, 2012

Truly inspiring Elliott. Sometimes when I am struggling on a task I am thinking of you. I am thinking “Elliott wouldn’t give up” , or watch a video of yours to get energized ot motivated.

Have a lovely day

Esteban Flores October 11, 2012

Keep on inspiring sir! You changed my course in life with your wonderful messages! I look to inspire now!

Joshua Hammond October 15, 2012

And today this is exactly what I do… and I earn a great living, even though dozens of people told me I was being selfish and irresponsible. (most of those people are miserable, so I chose not take their advice)

Love it.

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