Advanced Neuromuscular Strength (home study course)

Help Your Clients, Build Your Business And Grow Stronger,
With Advanced Knowledge In Applied Exercise Science.

Most average coaches and personal trainers barely scrape by with weak knowledge and poor technical skills in exercise program design. Eventually, these trainers are EXPOSED for their lack of mastery and quickly disappear from the fitness industry. Even with a certification, these trainers become lost in a market where knowledge is expanding at an ever increasing rate.

You MUST always be increasing your knowledge and skills as a coach if you are ever to make a name for yourself in this industry and stand out amongst all of the noise and BS. This is exactly what I did, and continue to do, spending over $10,000 per year on expanding my expertise and broadening my vision. – You must do the same thing.

This is why I’ve created the STRENGTHOLOGY mission and courses. I have condensed over a decade’s worth of learning and experience in the fields of strength and fitness, and packaged them into “home study courses”, such as this Advanced Neuromuscular Strength Course, designed for ambitious and astute professionals like you.

The Entire Advanced Neuromuscular Strength
Home Study Course, Featuring…

**IMPORTANT NOTE** This home study course is a prerequisite for attending one of my STRENGTHOLOGY Certification workshops. If you are interested in becoming STRENGTHOLOGY Certified, then you’ll need to take this course. This is a great opportunity to get it for half-price.

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