I’d rather not bore you with “who Elliott Hulse is?”, I’ll just ask you to Google my name.  SOME of what you might find is true :)

Instead, I would like to share the “Mission & Method” of this STRENGTHOLOGY Community.


“To Spread Empowering Ideas And Offer Support To Those Seeking To Become The Strongest Version Of Themselves.”


1. Spread The “Idea Virus” - by using blogs, videos an social media in order to bring awareness to empowering ideas about building physical strength, physiological strength, psychosomatic strength and presentable strength. 

(AKA – The 4 Layers Of Strength)

a. Physical Strength – To influence others, we must first represent the ideas we love. This means we physically carry ourselves with balanced, powerful and graceful strength.

Methods for building lean, balanced and functional physical strength are employed.

This is the purpose of STRENGTHOLGOY 101 and the STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches Course Level 1.

b. Physiological Strength – One layer deeper than physical / muscular strength lies the foundation for its expression. We are only as strong and we are vital and vibrant! We will consider hormonal balance, gastrointestinal health, nutrition and brain health.

Methods for assessing adrenal function, food intolerance, fungus and parasite infection, and detoxification are employed.

This is the purpose of STRENGTHOLOGY 201 and the STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches Course Level 2 (coming soon)

c. Psychosomatic Strength – The deepest layer of human motility and expression lies within our mind. Our bodies are a physical manifestation of our psychological character profile.

According to psychoanalysts like Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, our muscular system builds “armoring” or tenses muscles according to the predominant emotions harbored by the individual. For example, one who proceeds in life from a place of fear may be found to have very tense muscles in the pelvic floor, low back and neck.

Methods for releasing trapped emotions from rigid musculature, thus increasing a persons “motility”, are employed.

This is the purpose of STRENGTHOLOGY 301 and the STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches Course Level 3 

(coming soon)

d. Presentable Strength – We are only as valuable to others as our ability to acquire and share empowering ideas, via the available resources, in a compelling and entertaining way.

Weather though the use of a daily e mail newsletter, blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook page / group, e books, DVDs, books, workshops or seminars we must find a way to share our ideas about strength.

Methods for compiling, publishing and offering our ideas and services are employed here.

More About “Presentable Strength” Coming Soon

2. The Training Of STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches - First, though the publishing of Elliott Hulse’s ideas and training for potential coaches to consume in the form of digital courses, e books, hard copy books, videos and DVD.

Then though hands-on advanced workshops on each of the “4 Layers Of Strength” described above, coaches will become certified to employ the STRENGTHOLOGY methods with their customers and clients.

3. The Training Of STRENGTHOLOGY Professors - The momentum of this movement will be accelerated by the training of talented STRENGTHOLOGY Coaches who will teach each of the 4 Levels to new students and coaches.

In this way, we will GROW STRONGER together!

- Elliott Hulse