28 Types Of Deadlifts

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This video, taken from the live Layer One Strengthology workshop, goes over all of the “chunks” associated with the bend pattern or deadlift.  By identifying the weak muscular chunks in a given pattern we can then isolate those particular muscles and correct the imbalance.  The ultimate goal is to then integrate these chunks back into the pattern so that we can GROW STRONGER ;)

This video features Lesson #2 of Module #6 “Primal Movement” in the Advanced Neuromuscular Strength home study course.

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Dion Vonkerman September 6, 2012

haven’t you guys thought about jumps(horizontal/vertical)?

ryan ward September 6, 2012

Thanks so much for sharing this information freely Elliot ! Have not found strength related content on the web like yours mate!

Evan September 6, 2012

Good stuff Elliot as always.

J-F Echelard September 8, 2012

Great information there buddy, you’re really helping me becoming a stronger version of myself!

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